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Critics go easier on ‘Harry & Meghan’ Part 2

According to initial reactions, the second installment of the Netflix series is more revealing than the first

SHARE Critics go easier on ‘Harry & Meghan’ Part 2

Critics looks to be favoring “Harry & Meghan” Part 2.

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The second installment of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s Netlfix series, “Harry & Meghan” debuted on Netflix on Thursday.

Based on initial reactions, the second half of the series is has more revelations the documentary promised viewers. Critics have gone slightly easier on the couple so far, after slamming the first half of the series.

But the couple took their first direct shots at the royal family during Part 2, which makes the series more interesting, but might put the royally estranged couple in hot water.

According to CNN, the couple “detailed the breakdown of their relationship with the British royal family in the final episodes” and that there are “opened wounds between the royals that appear still to linger.”

First reactions to ‘Harry & Meghan’ Part 2:

  • “Ditch the first four hours (boring!) and just watch the last two. If you don’t want to waste time watching two wealthy adults frame their lives like a fairytale in the style of a soppy Tui advert, do yourself a favour and fast forward,” Carol Midgley with the London Times said.
  • Jessie Thompson with the Independent called the second installment, “An almost unendurable three additional hours of grudge-rehashing”
  • According to Variety, the second half of the series had more “explosive” claims. “The Royal Family will no doubt be reeling from the revelations,” K.J. Yossman wrote.
  • “Prince Harry publicly trashing his brother William, branding his father King Charles a liar, and attacking his grandmother the late Queen for doing nothing. This is such a grotesque and sickening betrayal of his family,” Piers Morgan, a Post columnist, tweeted about “Harry & Meghan” Part 2.
  • Stuart Heritage, with the Guardian, claimed the second half of the series was “three hours of exactly the same thing.” He continued “They never have to tell this story again. Although Prince Harry’s book, which tells this entire story all over again, comes out in 26 days.”
  • “The new episodes also allege a nasty game within the royal institution itself,” wrote William Booth and Karla Adam in The Washington Post.

What are fans saying about the series?