Lindsay Lohan made a dirty soda in a Pepsi ad.

Well, kind of.

In a recent commercial, Santa Claus sneaks down the stairs to get the chocolate chip cookies and milk that are sitting on the coffee table.

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Instead of eating the milk and cookies, Santa Claus mixes the milk with the Pepsi. Lindsay Lohan takes a drink of the “dirty soda.” The commercial is called “That Is One Dirty Soda, Santa” and is meant as a nod to the phenomenon of dirty sodas.

Pepsi calls it “Pilk and Cookies” — Pepsi mixed with milk and cookies.

According to People magazine, the soda company is offering a #PilkAndCookiesChallenge. Twenty-five fans will win a cash prize. Fans have to follow Pepsi on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, and then they have to share a photo or video of them with their Pilk and Cookies.

Technically speaking, a dirty soda is half and half mixed with soda, but the milk with soda is in the spirit of a dirty soda.

Dirty sodas are a Utah-created phenomenon.

Meg Walter for Deseret News wrote about how the dirty soda trend has recently gone viral on TikTok. In 2021, Utah-based company Swig Drinks posted a photo of Olivia Rodrigo drinking a 32-ounce Swig soda.

Walter wrote, “The dirty Diet Coke — the mother of all dirty sodas — arrived on the scene in the early 2010s. Diet Coke mixed with coconut syrup, fresh lime and a splash of half-and-half became the official drink of tired Utah moms.”

The Pepsi ad is giving renewed attention to dirty sodas.

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