A new “Star Wars” rumor floating about the internet suggests that Lucasfilm has decided to replace Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune with a new Republic fighter played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

What’s happening: Multiple reports — one from Giant Freaking Robot and another from Inside the Magic — suggest Winstead will replace Carano in the ongoing “Star Wars” storyline.

  • Winstead’s character — who hasn’t been revealed yet — will likely take on the role that Carano’s Cara Dune was supposed to play in the interconnecting “Star Wars” universe.
  • Her character is set to debut in the new “Ahsoka” live-action series, which is set to be released on Disney+.
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Flashback: Carano exited Lucasfilm in early 2021. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Carano was supposed to receive her own spinoff show and she may have been the lead in the “Rangers of the New Republic” project.

Yes, but: Back in 2021, YouTuber and “Star Wars” leaker Mike Zeroh said Carano was slated to return to “The Mandalorian” in Season 4 and that Disney would announce her return at the end of 2021, according to We Got This Covered, a pop culture news site.

  • The announcement never happened.