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‘Moon Knight’ production designer comments on ‘Blade’ rumors

Will the ‘Moon Knight’ production designer design upcoming ‘Blade’ project?

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Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight.”

Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) in Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight.”

Marvel Studios

“Moon Knight” production designer Stefania Cella did not have much to say about the upcoming “Blade” project from Marvel.

Driving the news: I recently interviewed Cella about “Moon Knight” and the production of the new series. Cella said “Moon Knight” was her second Marvel-based project, having worked on the Sony Pictures film “Morbius.”

  • Cella’s IMDb page lists “Blade” as one of her upcoming projects, but she wouldn’t expand on the project.
  • “I can’t talk about it,” she said.

Flashback: “Blade” is a forthcoming Marvel film with little-known details. There have been some ongoing theories that Blade will tie into characters Moon Knight and Black Knight (played by Kit Harrington in “Eternals.”)

The bigger picture: Cella said she had to read a lot of Marvel comics to understand the universe more. She said she would stay up late reading comic books to become familiar with the Marvel world.

What she said: “I had to study a lot of literature of comics to add in conversation because everybody else around me was talking about characters and I never heard of them,” she said.

  • She said her kids wondered why she was reading so many comic books.