“Moon Knight” production designer Stefania Cella did not have much to say about the upcoming “Blade” project from Marvel.

Driving the news: I recently interviewed Cella about “Moon Knight” and the production of the new series. Cella said “Moon Knight” was her second Marvel-based project, having worked on the Sony Pictures film “Morbius.”

  • Cella’s IMDb page lists “Blade” as one of her upcoming projects, but she wouldn’t expand on the project.
  • “I can’t talk about it,” she said.
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Flashback: “Blade” is a forthcoming Marvel film with little-known details. There have been some ongoing theories that Blade will tie into characters Moon Knight and Black Knight (played by Kit Harrington in “Eternals.”)

The bigger picture: Cella said she had to read a lot of Marvel comics to understand the universe more. She said she would stay up late reading comic books to become familiar with the Marvel world.

What she said: “I had to study a lot of literature of comics to add in conversation because everybody else around me was talking about characters and I never heard of them,” she said.

  • She said her kids wondered why she was reading so many comic books.