“Moon Knight” cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo said there are some scenes that aren’t receiving love from fans but deserve all the praise.

Driving the news: Palermo told me in an interview Friday that the fourth episode of “Moon Knight” has a scene that deserves more attention.

What he said: “I feel like the scene in Alexander’s tomb is some of the strongest work of the show. And I really like a lot of that work.

  • “The moment of Mark (Spector) getting shot. I really like a lot of that photographically, and it’s such an interesting perspective work as the moment where he’s sinking underwater.
  • “I’m really proud of those moments and they’re so interesting.”
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Deeper notes: Palermo explained that the massive twist in Episode 4 — when Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) gets shot and then wakes up in a psychiatric hospital — was one of the best moments to film.

  • He said he enjoyed filming the scene because it was slowly paced and allowed viewers to sink into the world around them.
  • The camera was used to show Marc’s perspective as he took in the hospital and his surroundings.

What he said:  “I knew that it would be such a bomb going off of people just trying to get their bearings and understand where are we now as an audience,” he said. “They will be questioning everything that they had seen beforehand. So we wanted to be patient.

  • “We wanted to be calm. We wanted to let it develop. We didn’t feel the need to rush and push through this stuff,” he added.
  • He said the scene later in the episode — when Spector talks to Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) in the hospital — adds to the patient theme.
  • “That’s a quite still patient scene as he’s piecing together everything and trying to make sense of what reality he’s seeing now,” Palermo said.

One note to go: Palermo told me that the original script had the big twist written as it is shown. But he said he was worried that it would be edited later to break up the huge twist.

  • He said that he thought the episode would have ended with Marc getting shot and the next episode would pick up in the hospital.
  • “I’m so glad that you got a little bit of the hospital because it’s such a hook,” he said. “It makes you want to finish the series big time”