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‘Moon Knight’ cinematographer confirms Episode 4’s ending originally opened Episode 5

The ending of ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4 was originally the beginning of the show’s fifth episode, a ‘Moon Knight’ cinematographer said

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Oscar Isaac in “Moon Knight.”

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in “Moon Knight.”

Marvel Studios

Warning: This episode contains spoilers for “Moon Knight” episodes 1-4.

“Moon Knight” cinematographer Gregory Middleton said that the major twist at the end of the show’s fourth episode originally opened Episode 5.

What he said: “The turn in Episode 4 used to be the beginning of Episode 5,” he said.

  • “So he used to die in Episode 4 and then like, wake up in” the next episode, he said.
  • “And that’s one of the things that happen, as you’re developing, especially a complex story like this, is sometimes you move scenes around.”

The backdrop: The fourth episode of “Moon Knight” ends on a major cliffhanger where Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) wakes up in a psychiatric hospital, seemingly having dreamed up the events of the previous episodes of the show.

Yes, but: “Moon Knight” cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo told me in a separate interview that the twist in Episode 4 was one of the best moments to film.

  • He said he was worried that the scene would be edited later to break up the huge twist into two episodes.
  • Palermo said putting the scene at the end of the fourth episode allowed viewers to really grasp what was happening.

What he said: “I knew that it would be such a bomb going off of people just trying to get their bearings and understand where are we now as an audience,” he said. “They will be questioning everything that they had seen beforehand. So we wanted to be patient.

  • “We wanted to be calm. We wanted to let it develop. We didn’t feel the need to rush and push through this stuff,” he added.