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‘Moon Knight’ cinematographer explains how a third personality could be revealed in the show

‘Moon Knight’ cinematographer Gregory Middleton talked about how filmming of ‘Moon Knight’ could lend itself to another personality for Marc Spector

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Steven Grant in “Moon Knight.”

Steven Grant (Oscar Issac) in “Moon Knight.”

Marvel Studios

Warning: This episode contains spoilers for “Moon Knight” episodes 1-4.

“Moon Knight” cinematographer Gregory Middleton didn’t admit there’s a third personality for Steven Grant and Marc Spector. But he did explain how it would be revealed.

“I’ve read the entire story. So I know to the end,” he said.

But, he said, there are a lot of decisions made about how to implement other characters into the show, especially when you’re trying to deceive.

“Moon Knight” centers around Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), who discovers he has a second personality named Marc Spector.

In the Marvel comics, there’s a third personality — named Jake Lockley — who takes over the same body as well. There are theories that Lockley has been in the show, having taken control during some of the more violent moments.

Middleton did not say whether or not there’s a third personality. But, he said, the show is full of deception and tricks to fool viewers.

“You’re trying to communicate stuff and you’re trying not to beat people over the head with it,” he said.

Surprise, he said, is one of the most fun elements of any show.

“You don’t want them to be thinking ‘Oh yeah, this is coming now.’

“The magic trick of cinema is to make a surprise seem both surprising and inevitable. Like after you see the surprise, you’re like, ‘Oh, of course.’ But you don’t want to be sitting there like, ‘Oh, I’m waiting for the surprise,’” he said. “It is a very tricky thing to do.”

“Moon Knight” has two more episodes left in its run. Any questions about a third personality will be answered then.