The inaugural run of “American Song Contest” — the United States’ answer to “Eurovision” — is almost over.

The NBC show, which features singers across the country competing for the best original song, hasn’t been a huge ratings success — the premiere in March drew in 2.899 million viewers, with the number of viewers dropping to a low of 1.438 million for the episode that aired on April 25, according to the website TV Series Finale.

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Which state will produce the best song on America’s version of Eurovision?

“Eurovision,” officially “Eurovision Song Contest,” meanwhile, drew in 183 million viewers in 2021, Billboard reported.

It’s unclear whether “American Song Contest” will see a second season, but on May 9 — the day before “Eurovision 2022” begins — 10 states will compete in the grand finale of “American Song Contest” Season 1.

Here’s a breakdown of the states in the running.

Washington — Allen Stone

“A Bit of Both”

Allen Stone, a soul singer from Washington, was the first singer to advance to the finale, securing an automatic spot thanks to a jury of music industry experts.

“The coolest thing about this show is highlighted songs, real crafted original songs from artists across the country,” Stone said after his performance, according to The Spokesman-Review. “And to represent Washington state. I’m a third-generation Washingtonian.

“My father was a minister in Washington. My grandfather was a farmer in Washington,” he continued. “Getting to share a piece of art that I wrote to represent our state on such a big stage is awesome.”

Oklahoma — AleXa


AleXa, a 25-year-old K-pop star from Oklahoma, has made it to the finale with “Wonderland,” a song she believes can appeal to K-pop fandom and mainstream music alike.

“Nowadays, K-pop is becoming such a worldwide known genre,” she said, according to Cinema Blend. “However, of course, like with anything in the world, there are some people that might not be aware of it. Being able to come out of Oklahoma, represent my state, and also the K-pop community, it just makes me so happy to show like the different facets and cultural diversity that America has on the whole.

“So I guess it’s just kind of a bit of a weight on the shoulders,” she continued. “But it’s definitely something that makes me very happy.”

Kentucky — Jordan Smith


Jordan Smith, the Season 9 winner of “The Voice,” has made it to the finale with his song “Sparrow” — a faith-inspired piece he wrote in just a few minutes.

“I think it’s one of those moments where it doesn’t come from you, it just comes through you,” Smith, a chart-topping Christian artist, told Parade magazine. “You’re just the vessel for what happens. I think the inspiration comes from where we’ve all been in the last couple of years.”

“The song meant so much to me and it came from my heart,” he added. “But you never realize how it’s going to be received.”

Colorado — Riker Lynch

“Feel the Love”

Riker Lynch is no stranger to national TV. The singer-songwriter had a recurring role on the show “Glee” and placed second on the 20th season of “Dancing With the Stars,” according to the magazine American Songwriter. Now, Lynch — who was lead singer and bassist for the pop band R5 — is representing Colorado in the finale of “American Song Contest” with his song “Feel the Love.”

Alabama — Ni/Co

“The Difference”

Colton Jones and Dani Brillhart form the pop duo Ni/Co, which is representing Alabama on “American Song Contest.” Both Jones and Brillhart, who are a couple, met as students at Belmont University in Nashville — Jones asked Brillhart to sing “Endless Love” with him in a performance class, and she said no, according to About Insider. The pair later bonded over their experiences of being pop artists in a predominantly country music town.

Ni/Co wrote “The Difference” during the pandemic, before they were invited on “American Song Contest.” But they decided to “finesse and massage it to be the best version it could be” for the competition show.

“Something you write in your bedroom on a piano is sometimes a totally different vision than on a giant stage with thousands of people watching,” the duo recently told ESC United. “So we’re unbelievably excited for our song baby to go out into the world in this format!”

Tennessee — Tyler Braden


Rising country singer Tyler Braden has secured an automatic spot in the “American Song Contest” finale with his original song “Seventeen.” Braden, a former firefighter from Tennessee, has expressed gratitude for the encouragement he’s received to pursue a music career.

“Tennessee has to be the most musical state in the country,” Braden previously told Music Mayhem Magazine. “There’s live music in every venue you pass, there’s major record labels, there’s small and large publishing companies. Nashville is Music City and people come here from all over the country to chase their dream. ... The firefighters who worked with me here, they wanted me to chase that dream. That just speaks to the support of this state and I’ll never be able to thank them enough and to show them enough appreciation for that.”

Texas — Grant Knoch

“Mr. Independent”

American Somoa — Tenelle

“Full Circle”

Connecticut — Michael Bolton

“Beautiful World”

North Dakota — Chloe Fredericks

“Can’t Make You Love Me”