Taylor Swift knows how to stay in the public discourse.

On Thursday, she announced a re-release of her song “This Love” from her “1989” album in a trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

Swift has steadily been re-recording and releasing previous albums to gain ownership over her catalog of music after it was sold to another label, without her knowledge, according to The Washington Post. She gives the re-released original songs and albums the label of “Taylor’s Version.”

Is Taylor Swift dropping hints that she will be re-releasing ‘1989’ soon?

The new single sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter, speculating whether the artist will re-release her “Speak Now” album or “1989” next, with threads dominating the Twitter trending page.

Swift is known to drop Easter eggs for her fans that hint at new music that is coming, as I wrote for Deseret News in November.

“Swifties,” the term for Taylor Swift fans, discovered Easter eggs in her most recent music video “I Bet You Think About Me,” as well as her recent Instagram post, leading many to believe she would release “1989” next.

Per US Weekly, here are some of the indications that “1989” is next on tap:

  • Her “All Too Well” short film, which included a “1989” Easter egg.
  • The music video “The Joker and the Queen,” which she made in collaboration with Ed Sheeran and which some fans speculate holds a reference to the song “Welcome to New York,” from the “1989” album.
  • And even an interview with Jimmy Fallon, where Swift used the term “rabbit hole” — which fans believe could be a reference to the song “Wonderland.”
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However, after her song “Wildest Dreams” from the “1989” album started trending on TikTok last year, Swift announced the new release of the song on the platform, causing some fans to believe that she would re-release the full “1989” album next. “Wildest Dreams” debuted in September, but the next album Swift re-released was “Red” in November.

But never one to give all the clues away, Swift dropped new merchandise that heavily features products from “Speak Now” and “1989,” which caused other Swifties to speculate if “Speak Now” could be the next album, according to USA Today.

Has Taylor Swift released music for television or movies before?

This isn’t the first time the pop artist has released music for a movie or series. Swift has written music for other movies, like this summer’s upcoming “Where the Crawdads Sing,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Cats.”

Regardless of which “Taylor’s Version” comes next, Swift continues to create announcements that send fans into detective mode to try to solve the clues.