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When the Utah Jazz hired Danny Ainge to be the CEO of Jazz basketball, a newly created title and position, the power structure wasn’t made entirely clear. General manager Justin Zanik has maintained his position and the Jazz have not hired a president of basketball operations after the departure of Dennis Lindsey.

Jazz owner Ryan Smith said that Zanik would handle day-to-day stuff while Ainge would have his hands on different parts of the organization and be involved in more big picture things, which is just another way of saying not much at all about how decisions would be made.

But in the last few weeks, we’ve gotten a small glimpse that could tell us more about how things are being run.

Ainge had not spoken with local reporters since being hired until Quin Snyder’s farewell press conference on Monday. That day, Ainge sat at the dais with Smith and Snyder, and questions about the search for a new coach were answered by Ainge.

Zanik, although present on Monday, was not fielding questions, even though Zanik has been the person that the Jazz have put out in front of the microphone whenever there has been anything regarding players (trades, contracts, midseason questions).

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That doesn’t necessarily mean Zanik has final say when it comes to player personnel decisions, only that he is the one that speaks for the team on those matters.

But having Ainge be the person speaking on the coaching search and sitting with Smith as they spoke about a future coach does paint a picture that Ainge will be in charge of that decision and have more of a senior role in key decisions.

The Jazz have remained noncommittal when it comes to talking about any sort of hierarchy within the front office, instead leaning on the message that decisions are made collaboratively.

But when it comes time to lay blame or hand out praise, there is always a single person that emerges as a leader, and recent events have suggested that Ainge is higher up in the food chain.

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Stat of the week

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This week in Jazz history

On June 8, 1979, the New Orleans Jazz moved to Salt Lake City, thus becoming the Utah Jazz.

How to pass the time in the offseason

Now that the Jazz season has come to an end, it means that I have some time to catch up on the things that I love but don’t have enough time for during the NBA season. Here I’ll suggest my latest way to pass the offseason time and also take your suggestions.

It’s hot and getting hotter this weekend so get into some water! I, like many others, do not have a pool but that’s not keeping me from catching some rays and taking a dip.

There are numerous lakes, creeks and other fresh water holes around the area but even if you can’t make a trek out to one of those, you might have a friend that has a pool or that lives at an apartment building with a pool and there’s no shame in asking to join in on the summer fun.

Don’t have those options? Get a cheap kiddy pool and a bag of ice. Want an even cheaper option? As my mother would say, “Go outside and spray yourself down with the hose.”

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