Icelandair released a Wellness Travel Report, listing the best cities in the world to combine remote work and vacation. Remarkable cities made this list, such as Vienna, Copenhagen and Frankfurt — but they aren’t at the top.

This report lists Kansas City, Missouri, as the best city for remote work and travel in the entire world. Here’s why.

About the report: The report ranks the cities based on seven categories: quality of life, cost of living, internet speed, health care, air pollution, safety and climate index.

  • Using these qualities, Icelandair ranked cities in the world “for those looking to travel and focus on their wellness alongside a remote working schedule.”

Why is Kansas City at the top? CNBC says Kansas City is at the top of this list, due to its combination of a prominent tourist industry and “slow travel” options. It’s a place to go where you can see interesting sights, without the crowd of a larger city.

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  • If you enjoy fountains, jazz, and barbecue, Kansas City is the place for you. With more than 200 fountains, Kansas City has more fountains than Rome, according to CNBC.
  • In 2020, the city was ranked No. 18 in the world for quality of life, according to the Kansas City Star. The city scored high due to its property price-to-income ratios, health care and commute time.

Which other cities made the list? According to Icelandair, these are the best cities for a remote working vacation. “Whether it’s the low noise and light pollution or the high temperatures, these destinations are the perfect place to work hard and then unwind with the locals,” the report says.

  1. Kansas City, United States.
  2. Vienna, Austria.
  3. Wellington, New Zealand.
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  5. Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  6. Victoria, Canada.
  7. Perth, Australia.
  8. Frankfurt, Germany.
  9. Brisbane, Australia.
  10. Helsinki, Finland.