The familiar theme song goes, “They’re creepy and they’re kooky / mysterious and spooky / they’re all together ooky / The Addams Family!” Debuting in 1964, the television series “The Addams Family” became an American classic. Now, Tim Burton is reimagining and reinventing this horrific family.

This comedy-horror series is highly anticipated. Variety reported that even Christina Ricci, who played the iconic role of Wednesday in the ’90s film series, will make a special appearance in the new series as Marilyn Thornhill.

Who is the new Addams family?

Vanity Fair published the actors who will play each member of the new Addams family.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the mother, Morticia.
  • Luis Guzman plays the father, Gomez.
  • Jenna Ortega plays the iconic Wednesday.
  • Isaac Ordonez plays the brother, Pugsley.
  • It is not yet announced who will play Uncle Fester.
Poster for Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ series that will debut in Fall 2022. | Courtesy of Netflix

What is ‘Wednesday’ about?

The show is named “Wednesday” after Wednesday Addams. Unlike the traditional Addams family depiction, where Wednesday is depicted as elementary school age, Wednesday is now an older teenager in high school. According to Vanity Fair, Wednesday in this new rendition has a love-hate relationship with her brother, but her relationship with her mother is the most interesting one.

What’s On Netflix revealed that the show centers around Wednesday attending the school of her parents. After she was kicked out of 8 schools, she is now forced to attend a school populated by “four main cliques: the Fangs (vampires), the Furs (werewolves), the Scales (sirens) and the Stoners.”

Was ‘Wednesday’ nominated for Emmys 2023?

Jenna Ortega was nominated for lead actress in a comedy series and the series was nominated for outstanding comedy series, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Will ‘Wednesday’ have a second season?

In January, Netflix confirmed the second season. A release date for the series is unknown, but it’s expected to be sometimes in 2024, according to Harper’s Bazaar.