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5 best tailgate foods for football season

Impress your guests with an array of tasty appetizers

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Fans tailgate at a Houston Texas NFL football game in Houston.

Fans tailgate at a Houston Texas NFL football game in Houston.

Michael Wyke/Associated Press

Football season has kicked off and there’s nothing that gets everyone in the mood to watch a game quite like food. While ordering a pizza for watch parties is still a great option, here are some easy-to-make recipes for your next tailgate that are sure to make your guests come back for more.

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Buffalo Chicken Bites are a classic recipe anyone can make to spice up their tailgate parties before and during their favorite football game. Southern Living says these are the perfect appetizers for game days and is practically irresistible with their incredible flavor and consistency.

Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacos, or pretty much any tacos for that matter, are a great football party food and are easy to serve. Whether your guests want crunchy or soft taco shells, these will feed a party of any size and will keep people satisfied during the game.


Along with tacos, nachos are another simple yet delicious dish to serve at any of your fall football parties coming up. This game-day classic is also highly customizable. Anyone can get creative and garnish their nachos with queso, meat, pico de gallo and more.


Sliders are the all American classic football party food that gets everyone outside by the grill before the weather gets cold. These are easy to make and can feed a lot more people than regular burgers can.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

This Pioneer Woman recipe will have your guests coming back for seconds. These delicious, citrus chicken wings are perfect to munch on while watching college football. This recipe can feed many people and is an excellent addition to other appetizer foods your family and friends might bring.