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‘Napoleon Dynamite’ star Jon Heder has teamed up with BYUtv’s ‘Studio C’

To celebrate turning a decade old, ‘Studio C’ has invited Heder to join the show for the Season 16 premiere

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The cast of BYUtv’s sketch comedy show “Studio C.”

The cast of BYUtv’s sketch comedy show “Studio C” is pictured. To celebrate turning 10, “Studio C” has invited “Napoleon Dynamite” star Jon Heder to join the show for the Season 16 premiere.


It’s been 10 years since “Studio C,” BYUtv’s beloved sketch comedy show, made its debut. Over the years, the show has attracted national attention — including late night host Conan O’Brien — and created one-of-a-kind characters like Scott Sterling, a down-on-his-luck goalkeeper whose face seems to be the perfect magnet for a soccer ball.

To celebrate turning a decade, “Studio C” is going all out for the premiere of its 16th season, bringing in a very special guest: “Napoleon Dynamite” star Jon Heder.

What to expect from the new season of ‘Studio C’ on BYUtv

Heder isn’t a complete stranger to “Studio C.” Six years ago, the actor moderated a panel featuring “Studio C” cast members at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, the Deseret News reported. Last year, he starred with original “Studio C” cast member Jason Gray in the romantic-comedy “Funny Thing About Love.”

In his “Studio C” debut, “Heder finds himself at the heart of sketches that take him from a hot air balloon ride with a hilarious twist to a mall trip that escalates beyond his control,” according to a news release sent to the Deseret News.

The upcoming season will also feature special compilation episodes that recap some of the best sketches in “Studio C” history. Each of these episodes will be hosted by an original cast member, including Whitney Call, James Perry and Stephen Meek, according to the release. Some of the original cast members will also be behind the camera this season, with sketches directed by Jeremy Warner and Natalie Madsen.

“‘Studio C’ is one of our most beloved legacy series, delivering lots of laughs and lifting people up through comedy,” Andra Johnson Duke, head of content at BYUtv, said in a statement. “To honor our anniversary, fresh faces will unite with returning favorites and iconic characters — a mixture of everything that has made the past 10 years of ‘Studio C’ so memorable and enduring.”

The original members of “Studio C” left the sketch comedy show in 2018 to start their own family-friendly comedy venture, JK! Studios, which allowed them to expand into web series, sitcoms, digital shorts and movies, the Deseret News reported. But Gray — well known for impersonations including Batman and Severus Snape from “Harry Potter” — returned to “Studio C” a few years later.

Last year, Gray reflected on the origins of “Studio C” and the show’s unexpected rise in popularity.

“Matt Meese approached BYUtv about doing ‘Studio C,’ at least a pilot episode. I think they were cautious and didn’t have a lot of confidence that it would work because comedy on BYUtv hadn’t been attempted before,” Gray told the Deseret News. “But they gave us a shot. The first season did well enough that they surprisingly renewed it for a second.

“‘Studio C’ had modest success,” Gray continued. “The big turning point for ‘Studio C’ was definitely ‘Scott Sterling.’ Our goal was to get a sketch with one million views. Within a month, ‘Scott Sterling’ had close to 30 or 40 million views.”

To date, the sketch on YouTube has 87 million views.

“I don’t know if ‘Studio C’ would have kept going without Scott Sterling because that was the one that put us on the map and got us more recognized outside of Utah,” Gray said. “I feel like that’s how a lot of people got exposed to ‘Studio C,’ so I’m grateful for that sketch because I think it’s why I’m still able to have a career in acting and writing.”

When does the ‘Studio C’ episode with Jon Heder premiere?

The premiere of the new “Studio C” season, featuring Heder, releases on the BYUtv app Oct. 2, according to the news release. The episode will air on BYUtv Oct. 3 at 5 p.m. MDT.

All aired episodes of the show are available to stream on the BYUtv app and at BYUtv.org.