Back in November last year, Wendy’s did something unexpected — it released a new Frosty flavor, replacing the strawberry Frosty, also a menu item, with a peppermint flavor.

Now, the fast-food chain is switching it up again. Since the holiday season is over, Wendy’s is leaning into the classics.

What’s replacing peppermint Frosty?

The “cool, creamy classic” vanilla Frosty will replace the peppermint flavor. It will join the chocolate Frosty on the menu, available nationwide.

“So, when the other guys’ ice cream machines are Mcbroken, head on over to your nearest Wendy’s or place your order on the Wendy’s app to snag this tried-and-true frozen treat,” the company said in a press release, according to Fox News, 8.

Wendy’s original chocolate-flavored Frosty was one of five products on the menu in 1969, as I previously reported for the Deseret News.

It took the chain close to four decades to introduce another flavor for the milkshake and ice cream crossover item before adding vanilla, an archive of the company’s website stated.

The origins of Wendy’s Frosty

Dave Thomas, the founder of the chain, was looking for a sweet and frozen treat for his menu, so he gave a call to Fred Kappus of the Kappus Company, an Ohio-based food service equipment distributor, according to Wendy’s website.

Kappus was up to the task, he told Wendy’s. He knew a client and a family friend by the name of Herman Weistner who made frosted malts at a racetrack in Cleveland. The man mixed vanilla into chocolate — to make the chocolate smoother and give it a malty flavor — and that was his secret recipe.

When Kappus brought the sample to Thomas, the Wendy’s CEO immediately loved it. Even after years of expanding and evolving, Kappus supplies the Frosty machines to the hamburger chain.