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Happy National French Fry Day! Here are the best french fries in Utah

The best places for thick or skinny fries in Utah

SHARE Happy National French Fry Day! Here are the best french fries in Utah
Crown Burgers in downtown Salt Lake City.

This Oct. 3, 2011, photo shows Crown Burgers in downtown Salt Lake City.

Lynn DeBruin, Associated Press

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Jan. 8, 2023. It has been updated.

In the land of fry sauce, it’s important to know which french fries are the best vehicle for Utah’s best condiment, especially on National French Fry Day.

It must be admitted — Utah does fries well.

There are dozens of places that have excellent fries. It must also be said that what makes a good fry is a matter of taste. Some prefer a thicker fry with just salt, others might prefer a shoestring fry with olive oil and rosemary. Luckily, I like them all (with a special place in my heart for Cajun seasoned fries).

Without further ado, here’s where you can get the best fry in Utah and why.

Where to get the best french fries in Utah

Crown Burger

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Crown Burger made the list. These fries are reliable. They are the classic french fry — thick and salty. They aren’t gourmet, but that’s what makes them so good. They’re not as crispy as other places. What makes them stand out is their fresh taste.

Bruges Belgian Bistro

Fresh and hot Bruges’ fries are unbelievably good. These fries are crispy and well-salted and can be dipped in just about anything. If you’re looking for a good set of fries — while eating nothing but fries — this is a great place to go.

Their fries are a medium size, crispy and golden on the outside and mealy on the inside.


These fries are proof that the crunchiest fry might not always be the best. They are shoestring fries that have crunchy parts on the outside, but are softer than other fries. Their unique texture makes them a good choice.

Tonyburger also offers a variety of dipping sauces to go along with the fries.


The Mediterranean style bowls here are fantastic, but you might not think of fries when you think of this restaurant. These fries are thin, crispy and have the perfect amount of crunch to them. Their garlic aioli is the perfect condiment to go along with them.

The street cart fries are loaded with different toppings.

Lucky 13

The seasoning on Lucky 13’s fries adds a little pizzazz. These fries are a little bigger than shoestring fries, crispy, fresh and long. The Cajun fries have a little bit of spice to them and the garlic rosemary fries are a nice upgrade from typical fries.


Cubby’s is home of the crinkle cut sweet potato fry and they’re one of the best in the state. The restaurant also has garlic rosemary fries — both are good. The crinkle cut sweet potato fries are thick, crispy and simply seasoned.

Guru’s Cafe

Guru’s Cafe has earned itself a reputation for their sweet potato fries and for good reason. These fries are thin cut, extra crispy and are seasoned well. They can accompany one of their sandwiches or be served as an appetizer for the table.