On Tuesday night, Fox News spoke to Israel’s foreign policy advisor, Ophir Falk, about its plan of action going forward, and MSNBC discussed how Iran’s leadership spoke in favor of Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

Fox News — Netanyahu’s foreign policy adviser on what’s next

“Every sane person on Earth knows that Hamas, funded by Iran, is responsible for the barbaric attacks on Israel,” Laura Ingraham said on the “Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night.

“Tonight, we’re going to be very clear. Hamas is evil, Iran is partnering with Hamas and both are responsible for the killing of civilians and the kidnapping and murder of Americans,” Ingraham said.

Falk, foreign policy advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, joined Ingraham and was asked, “You know you only have a small window of goodwill before the pro-Palestinian activists on the streets accuse you of war crimes against civilians. How do you counter that?”

“We have begun our counteroffensive against Hamas, and we are at war of civilization against these savages,” Falk said.” “We have to win this war. We will win this war.”

He added, “It was the worst attack on civilians in our history. Children were tied up and burned to death. ... By the way, we’re not only winning for Israel, for our people, but we’re also winning for America and the entire free world.”

“The Hamas will be dismantled,” Falk said.

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MSNBC — Iran’s commending of Hamas attacks

On “The Last Word,” Lawrence O’Donnell spoke to NBC News Correspondent Ali Arouzi regarding Iran’s involvement in the Hamas attacks on Israel.

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“Today the White House made it very specific that they do not have intelligence evidence indicating that Iran was a prime mover or seriously involved in the actual planning of this invasion,” O’Donnell said.

Arouzi said that although the State Department said that Iran was not a part of the attacks directly, it was “complicit,” he said, “And that’s because Iran has supported Hezbollah and Hamas for so many years. They’ve been their patron. They’ve given them a lot of money, a lot of weapons and a lot of training.”

Arouzi added that the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, spoke on Tuesday for the first time following the attacks, and “he denied Tehran was involved, but he did hail the attacks. He glorified them, saying that Israel’s irreparable military and intelligence defeat was great.”

He emphasized that Khamenei was wearing a scarf that resembled Palestinian style and even said, “He kisses the hands of those who planned the attack on the zionist regime.”

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