On Friday night, Fox News discussed Hillary Clinton’s comments on former President Donald Trump and his supporters and MSNBC spoke on book banning and how it is a Republican-led effort.

Fox News — Hillary Clinton’s MAGA comments

On “Hannity” Friday night, Pete Hegseth spoke to Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce about Hillary Clinton’s interview on CNN, where she said we need a “formal deprogramming” of MAGA “cult members.”

“When you have a leading Democrat, which she is, setting into motion the demonization of tens of thousands of Americans, what do you think is going to happen?” Bruce said.

Bruce emphasized that Democrats are doing whatever they can to “drown Donald Trump” but are only making him more popular with Republicans while also losing popularity within their own party.

Bruce, who previously identified as a Democrat, continued: “Believe them when they say these things. They don’t say things they don’t mean. We dismiss a lot of what they say because it’s nuts, but this, in fact, is a remarkable statement about effectively what they are going to do.”

“Hillary does not speak for herself. This is the Democrat playbook at this point,” Bruce added.

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MSNBC — Book banning: Similar to ‘Fahrenheit 451’

Ali Velshi was joined by literacy advocate and actor LeVar Burton on “The Last Word” Friday to discuss books in public libraries and schools.

Velshi claimed that “over 3,000 books were banned in the past school year” and added that this is happening primarily in Republican-led states like Texas and Florida.

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“I would never have guessed that in 2023, this would be the thing that we’re fighting, banning books,” Velshi said.

Burton related the issue of book banning to the dystopian society in “Fahrenheit 451.”

He added, “Literacy is an incubator for empathy, and absent to exposure to a wide variety of literature, you grow up in an echo chamber, in a very narrow silo of information and experience.”

“I really believe this is all being motivated by a sense of fear. A panic that’s going on in a certain sector of the population that sees that the world is changing before their very eyes, and they are desperately trying to fight that change,” Burton said.

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