Last week, George Santos became a footnote in history by becoming the sixth House lawmaker to be expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives. The former New York representative has since turned over a new leaf, stepping into the limelight as a “former congressional ‘Icon,’” or so he calls himself on Cameo, a website that allows fans to request personalized video messages from celebrities or influencers.

Perhaps selling video clips for $200 each is a way to make up for his loss of a yearly congressional salary of $174,000.

Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., hired Santos for a special video: “I thought my ethically-challenged colleague (Sen. Bob Menendez) could use some encouragement given his substantial legal problems,” Fetterman wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, referring to the Democratic New Jersey senator and his wife, Nadine Menendez, who face bribery and corruption charges.

Utah reps vote to expel George Santos as his time as a congressman comes to an end

Fetterman hoped to give his “ethically challenged colleague” some encouragement to deal with his legal troubles with “seasoned expert” Santos’ help. The Pennsylvania senator attached the clip he received from Santos.

“Hey, Bobby,” Santos says in the 24-second video. “You stand your ground, sir. And don’t get bogged down by all the haters out there.”

A Fetterman spokesman told Business Insider that Santos fulfilled the request 16 minutes after it was sent to him. It cost Fetterman $343.20, which included taxes and fees.

Santos wasn’t mad at Fetterman’s prank. His reaction was quite the opposite: “I love this!” he wrote in a response on X.

After his removal from Congress, writer-comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, known for satirical humor, expressed a desire to interview Santos in a post on X, which has since racked up at least 6 million views. She sent him a message over the weekend, asking the former representative if he would be interviewed in a pay-per-view interview, adding, “You’d be an iconic guest.”

Santos’ response? “Let’s do it Ziwe.”

Apart from television appearances, there’s the possibility of a movie based on Santos’ life. Deadline reported HBO Films was contemplating buying the rights to the book “The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos” by Mark Chiusano, which was released last week.

The film is in development, said Frank Rich, who executive produced HBO’s Emmy-winning shows “Veep” and “Succession,” which depict the horseplay among elites in Washington, D.C., and New York. Per the report, Rich described the film “as a forensic and darkly comic look at the crazy, unprecedented congressional race on Long Island that led to Santos being elected to Congress.”

Mike Makowsky is installed as the writer. He previously wrote and produced HBO’s “Bad Education,” which is based on a true story about the superintendent of a Long Island school district who was a part of an $11 million embezzlement scheme. The show takes place in the same district Santos represented in Congress.

Santos, too, is interested in writing a book about his life. And while he said he is turning down documentary filmmakers, he created a casting guidance in case anyone wants to make a biopic.

“This is not something for somebody with a career,” he said, per The New York Times. “This is a career-making movie.”

The former representative still has legal troubles to address. He pleaded not guilty to 23 federal counts related to fraud. A trial date has been set for September 2024. His former campaign fundraiser, Sam Miele, has pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud and his ex-treasurer, Nancy Marks, has pleaded guilty to a fraud conspiracy charge, which further implicates Santos.

Still, one thing remains clear, Santos does not want to hold any type of office. “I have no interest in running for mayor. Governor, even less,” he told reporters on the eve of his expulsion, according to the Times. “I do not desire to be the executive of anything.”