Now available at all Chipotle locations, Chicken al Pastor is chicken “where fire meets flavor.” According to a press release from Chipotle, the chicken is marinated and cooked with “adobo, morita peppers and ground achiote with a splash of pineapple and fresh lime.” It’s also topped with freshly chopped cilantro.

The item was tested in 94 different restaurants last year, per USA Today, but was made a new menu item this week at all Chipotle restaurants. Trying it is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to a Chipotle restaurant and order it, or you can order delivery on the app or online and the standard fee will be waived.

Chipotle catering is all the meal prep rage right now. But is it worth it?

What does the Chicken al Pastor from Chipotle taste like?

It’s well-seasoned, tender and has a little bit of heat. According to All Recipes, the marinade is subtle, but over time, the heat kicks in and the chicken is a great combination of spicy from the peppers and sweet from the pineapple.

It’s a different twist on al pastor, but it combines Chipotle’s signature flavors, like its adobo, with traditional pastor seasonings in a unique way. For those of us who miss the pollo asado due to its unique flavor, the Chicken al Pastor doesn’t replace that exactly, but it’s a good substitute in the meantime.

Chipotle is releasing a big new menu item for a limited time

What are Chipotle’s new quesadillas?

Chipotle has two new quesadillas that debuted on its app earlier this month. They’re only available via the app for pick-up or delivery.

One is called the Keithadilla, which is named after TikTok influencer Keith Lee. Lee is known for going to different restaurants in Las Vegas and reviewing the food. According to Taste of Home, the Keithadilla has fajita peppers, cheese, steak and sides of corn salsa, sour cream and Chipotle’s honey-vinaigrette dressing.

The other quesadilla is known as the Fajita Quesadilla Hack. Taste of Home said that this is a quesadilla with cheese, fajita peppers and steak with sides of corn salsa, tomatillo red-chili salsa and sour cream. Both of these quesadillas are meant to be dunked in the sides.

These are available to order for pick-up or delivery via the Chipotle app.