The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the large amount of U.S. domestic flights that didn’t take off on time last December were due to “weather” and “flight volume.”

The Department of Transportation released a travel report that said 69% of flights in the U.S. took off on time in December 2022.

Here’s what we know.

Only 69% of flights left on time in December. Are airlines back to working order?

What does the FAA say about flight delays? “The majority of flight delays are due to weather and flight volume,” an FAA spokesperson told the Deseret News. “Some flights delays during the last holiday season were due to issues affecting specific airlines.”

Southwest flights that took off on time came to a 57.3% low in December 2022, while Delta Air Lines had a 77.2% on-time flight departure rate, United Airlines had a 70.7% rate and American Airlines had a 72.5% rate, according to Axios.

The Deseret News reported that the amount of flights that left on time dropped from 80% in November 2022 to 69.1% in December 2022.

Southwest cancels more than 70% of flights this week

What changes are being made? “The FAA works closely with airlines on a daily basis to anticipate challenges and take measures to minimize their effects on operations,” the FAA said.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that the Department of Transportation announced the “new airline customer service dashboard” that was set to “help travelers determine what services they are owed when a flight is canceled or delayed because of an airline issue.”

DOT reported that the Air Travel Consumer Report is set to continue to give consumers the information needed to understand what services they qualify for with various airlines and issues that may arise in the future.