Twenty-six singers are still in the running on this season of “American Idol.” The competition has now reached the part of the show where fans get to vote for their favorite singers, and as the contestants fight their way to the finish line, singer-songwriter Allen Stone will provide some guidance.

Stone will appear as a mentor on Sunday night’s episode of “Idol.” Ahead of the episode, here’s a look Stone’s background, career and biggest hits.

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Who is Allen Stone?

As the son of a pastor, Stone’s musical foundation formed in church. The R&B/soul singer-songwriter grew up in Chewelah, Washington, and was raised on gospel music.

He moved to Seattle to pursue a music career, and spent his early days “driving up and down the West Coast in his ’87 Buick to perform at any and all gigs he could find,” according to a news release sent to the Deseret News.

“Anybody who is familiar with church, music and service go hand in hand,” Stone told Inlander last year. “That’s where I first found a love for singing with other people, which is still sort of where the invigoration of music comes from, for me personally. I love leading people in a musical experience, and if I can get everybody to sing along or everybody to participate, that’s when it becomes like a high. That’s what I’m going for.”

Stone’s breakthrough moment came in 2011, when he released a performance of his song “Unaware” on YouTube — with the subtitle “Live from his mother’s living room.”

At about the 4-minute mark, Stone’s voice hits an astonishingly high note.

To date, the YouTube video has 15 million views.

The 36-year-old artist has released five albums and goes on tour frequently. He’s headlining a number of shows this summer — including one in Salt Lake City — and is also supporting country music star Chris Stapleton on tour. Most recently, he released his new single, “Magic,” on April 12.

“A concert with Allen Stone is a powerful sermon,” I wrote for the Deseret News in 2018. “There’s an undeniable authenticity about Stone: his unruly blond hair, his unceasing smile and that raw voice that has perfected the art of storytelling. The Seattle-based musician had his audience clapping and swaying with him every step of the way.”

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Allen Stone’s history with ‘American Idol’

Stone’s music has been featured on shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” a number of times. In 2018, Stone appeared on “Idol” to perform a duet of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” with contestant Marcio Donaldson. He also did a duet of his song “Unaware” with contestant Dennis Lorenzo that season.

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In 2022, Stone competed on the short-lived “American Song Contest,” the U.S.’ answer to Eurovision. Representing his home state of Washington, Stone placed as a finalist with his original song “A Bit of Both.”

Allen Stone’s most popular songs

According to Spotify, Stone’s most popular songs include:

‘Consider Me’ — Streamed more than 21 million times.

‘Brown Eyed Lover’ — Streamed more than 16 million times.

‘Sunny Days’ — Streamed more than 9 million times.

‘Georgia On My Mind’ cover — Streamed more than 8 million times.

‘Give You Blue’ — Streamed more than 6 million times.

‘Bed I Made’ — Streamed more than 5 million times.

‘Is This Love’ cover — Streamed more than 4 million times.

‘Where You’re At’ — Streamed more than 3 million times.