Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene came to the defense of alleged Pentagon documents leaker Jack Teixeira, which has sparked controversy over the situation.

Teixeira, 21, is accused of leaking classified information to a group on the Discord social media site and was taken into FBI custody last week, according to the Deseret News.

Greene took to social media Thursday to defend Teixeira.

Man arrested by FBI for allegedly leaking classified Pentagon documents

Why did Greene defend Teixeira?

The BBC reported that one of the documents released by Teixeira was dated March 23 and referred to “the presence of a small number of Western special forces operating inside Ukraine.”

“We have now found out from a supposed 21-year-old National Guardsman that there are American military troops on the ground in Ukraine. Is this another Stu Scheller who revealed the truth about the Biden Afghanistan withdrawal?” Greene wrote in a Twitter post.

“When it comes to Ukraine, the Biden Administration has lied to us from the very beginning. Joe Biden said the US would not get involved in the war in Ukraine because Ukraine is not a NATO member nation,” Greene continued in her Twitter post. “Yet over a year later, we’ve sent hundreds of billions of dollars, military equipment, and so much ammunition that we have to borrow from foreign countries like South Korea to replenish our stockpile.”

How did FBI track down Jack Teixeira in Pentagon document leak case?

Lindsey Graham’s reaction to Greene’s defense of Teixeira

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called Greene “irresponsible” and said that there was no justification for a person to leak classified documents no matter what they contained, saying, “For any member of Congress to suggest it’s OK to leak classified information because you agree with the cause is terrible irresponsible and puts America in serious danger.”

On ABC News’ “This Week,” Graham continued, “If you’re a member of the military intelligence community and you disagree with American policy and you think you’re going to be OK when it comes to leaking classified information, you’re going to go to jail.”

NBC News reported that other lawmakers had concerns over the leaking of the documents.

“The Intelligence Committee is also going to have a thorough investigation. We focused intensely on how we keep our secrets safe,” Sen. Kirsten Gilligbrand, D-N.Y., told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And I have a lot of questions about, why were these documents lying around. Why did this particular person have access to them? Where was the custody of the documents and who were they for?”