Last week, Pac-12 insider Jon Wilner of The Mercury News in California ranked each of the schools in the conference relative to the success they’ve had during this school year compared to their athletic department budgets, and Utah topped the list.

A few parameters of Wilner’s rankings:

  • Only football and men’s and women’s basketball were considered, with football being given most weight, followed by men’s basketball and then women’s basketball.
  • He estimated the athletic budgets at USC and Stanford since they are private schools and don’t have to release such data. He determined USC’s figure by averaging Oregon and UCLA’s expenses, and he determined Stanford’s figure by averaging Cal’s and UCLA’s.
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Noting that the Utah athletic department reported operating expenses of $111.9 million for the 2022 fiscal year, Wilner wrote, “Easy call with the Utes as the wins-per-dollar kingpin in 2022-23 given their mid-level budget and high-level success in the most important sport, plus a breakthrough season by women’s basketball and much-better-than-expected year for the men.

“Utah has been fiscally shrewd and competitively successful more often than not over the years, but this was above even its lofty standard.”

Here’s how Wilner ranked the entire conference:

  1. Utah
  2. USC
  3. Oregon State
  4. Washington State
  5. UCLA
  6. Arizona
  7. Washington
  8. Oregon
  9. Colorado
  10. Arizona State
  11. Stanford
  12. Cal