Florida Democrats are searching for a “dream” candidate to run against Republican Sen. Rick Scott in 2024, and they’re eyeing Jazz minority owner and NBA legend Dwyane Wade, according to NBC News.

The party and its donors “see the need for a moonshot-type candidate to reverse the trend of Republican dominance in the state,” and Wade and fellow Hall of Famer Grant Hill fit the bill, the article said.

Ray Paultre, the executive director of the Florida Alliance, told NBC News that Wade’s Florida legacy makes him an attractive candidate. Wade spent the majority of his 16-year NBA career playing for the Miami Heat, and he won three championships there.

“Dwyane Wade is a Florida legend, whose leadership past and present has a lot of folks in our state sending feelers out,” Paultre said. “We have seen former athletes, in both parties, bring something special to the political landscape. He hasn’t been officially approached, but he is on the list of four or five dream candidates to challenge Rick Scott.”

Democrats have struggled in Florida in the recent past. The party hasn’t won a Senate race since 2012, according to The Washington Post. That Senate seat was later won by Scott in 2018.

NBC News reported that Florida Democrats are interested in convincing Wade to run because of his advocacy for LGBTQ rights, which have been in the spotlight in Florida in recent years. Wade, the father of a 15-year-old transgender daughter, has publicly shared his support for transgender rights.

On a recent episode of Showtime’s “Headliners with Rachel Nichols,” Wade said that LGBTQ+ legislation passed in Florida contributed to his decision to leave Miami and move to Los Angeles.

At this month’s Met Gala, Wade was asked by a Variety reporter if he had a message for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Hall of Famer said he doesn’t know the governor but he does know that it’s important to make young people feel accepted.

“I’m going to step on the side of acceptance and I’m not going to even go on the other side. I’m going to focus on acceptance,” Wade said, according to a video tweeted by Variety.

If Wade doesn’t enter the Senate race, the party is also eyeing Hill, who campaigned with Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hill spent seven seasons with the Orlando Magic and still resides in the Orlando area.

Sources familiar with the efforts to get Wade or Hill to run against Scott acknowledged to NBC News that it’s unlikely that either will join the 2024 Senate race.