Next Tuesday evening, the Utah Jazz — along with the rest of the teams that did not make the 2023 NBA playoffs — will find out what lottery pick they will have in the June 22 draft.

On Thursday morning, the Jazz announced in a video posted on social media that guard Collin Sexton will be the team’s representative at the lottery in Chicago.

The decision to have Sexton be the representative brings more fun to the proceedings than the Jazz have historically chosen to do, as former team executives such as Kevin O’Connor and Dennis Lindsey have been the representatives in the past.

Sexton’s good luck charm of choice?

“I will be bringing some $2 bills,” he said.

He said his grandma and great-grandma would give out the bills on special days such as birthdays and Christmas “as a sign of good luck, so I’ll have a few of them in my pocket so we can get a great, great draft pick.”

Sexton himself was a lottery pick, as he was chosen eighth overall in the 2018 draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers out of Alabama (there are 14 lottery picks).

The Jazz will enter the lottery with the ninth-best odds, and will have a 50.7% chance of walking away with that pick.

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They will have a 4.5% chance at the top pick and a 20.2% chance at a top four pick, while they will have a 29% chance of getting either the 10th, 11th or 12th pick.

The Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs will enter the lottery with an even 14% chance of getting the top pick.

It is widely seen as a sweepstakes for French big man Victor Wembanyama, who is considered the best draft prospect in many years.

The lottery reveal show will be on May 16 at 6:30 p.m. MDT and will air on ESPN.