Wildfires raging through the Canadian province of Nova Scotia have led to the evacuation of 16,000 people.

Wildfires have been burning through the country for weeks, with over 108 wildfires in Alberta over the weekend, officials told The Associated Press.

The latest wildfire, located in southeastern Canada’s Nova Scotia, destroyed over an estimated 200 homes or structures, NPR reported.

In a press conference Tuesday, Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston stated, “We’re in a very serious situation in this province, and we need to take the steps we can to protect Nova Scotians.”

“The damage, it’s extensive, it’s heartbreaking,” Houston said.

Canada’s ‘unprecedented’ wildfires fill North American skies with smoke

As of Tuesday, there were 13 fires with at least three that were out of control, Scott Tingley, manager of forest protection for the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, said, per NPR.

U.S. air quality alerts

The wildfires in Western Canada have led several Northwestern states in the U.S. to issue air quality alerts.

As smoke from Canada’s wildfire has spread south, air quality alerts have been issued in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania so far, Axios reported.

New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania “have all recorded poor air quality,” as of Wednesday morning, according to AccuWeather.