If you’ve been on social media at all in the last few months, then you probably know that Taylor Swift is on tour. Her tour — The Eras Tour — includes performances throughout her career, and people are going crazy for it.

There’s even a special TikTok page called “Taylor Swift — The Eras Tour” that hosts all the top videos and content that creators are making from the shows or inspired by the shows. Many fans have been spending weekend nights scouring TikTok and Twitter for the latest news about the show, and many of the moments from the show have gone viral — being viewed by millions of people.

Here are 10 of the viral moments from Swift’s performances that have been making the rounds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

1. When Taylor Swift swallowed a fly onstage

Swift took a break from taking fans’ breath away and took her own breath — when she swallowed a fly onstage.

She made the announcement that she had swallowed it and started coughing and proceeded to joke, “Is there any chance that none of you saw that?”

2. Taylor Swift’s swan stage dive

For each show, Swift performs two “surprise songs” from her catalogue — one she performs on guitar, the other on the piano. Following that performance, she waves her arms in the air and then swan dives elusively into what looks like right under the stage. After she dives, the stage appears to turn into water and show her swimming in her flowy, vibrant dress underneath the giant stage. This is a moment that keeps on giving and allowing for more viral versions of the performance.

@carolinaguzmman Original Video of Taylor Swift diving on stage shot by me Carolina Guzman, it has been going viral please give credits if you use it🫶🏼 #arlingtontserastour #taylorswift #fyp #viral #swifties ♬ original sound - carolina

3. When Taylor Swift revealed she would release ‘Speak Now’

In Nashville on May 5, Swift revealed onstage that she would be releasing her re-recording of “Speak Now” on July 7. Following the announcement, she performed the title track from the album “Speak Now” as one of the surprise songs.

“You know how I love to plan things, and you know how I love to surprise you with things that I’ve been planning. ... It’s my love language with you,” she said, per The Los Angeles Times. “I plot, I scheme, I plan and then I get to tell you about it. So I think rather than me speaking about it, I thought I would just show you.”

@brookiebarry Taylor Swift announces Speak Now Come out July 7th! #speaknow #speaknowtaylorsversion #taylorswift #erastour #erastouroutfits #nashville ♬ original sound - Brooke Barry

4. Security guard Pocket’s performance during Taylor Swift show

One video in particular captured fans’ attention — that video was of a security guard named Pocket who was putting on her own performance during Swift’s show at the Glendale, Arizona, shows.

Attendees seated in the area during the show in which Pocket was working said that she “gave hugs and is a 1989 girlie through and through,” Business Insider reported.

@jayandyevans Our security guard named Pocket gave hugs and is a 1989 girlie through and through. #glendaletstheerastour #theerastour #glendaletstheerastour #taylorswift ♬ original sound - Jay

5. Fans speculated Taylor Swift was hiding in a cleaning cart

Shortly after her initial shows, fans started sharing videos of a large janitorial cart — speculating that it was Swift’s ride to the stage. Soon after, a video was posted to TikTok showing her emerging from the cart in glittery sequins to start the show.

@shaydanazifpour Not Taylor Swift popping out of the janitor cart during the #arlingtontserastour @taylorswift @taylornation #tstheerastour #eras #taylorswift #janitorsoftiktok ♬ original sound - shaydanazifpour

6. A couple held a wedding ceremony during Taylor Swift’s show

Forget getting proposed to during the show, this couple went super extra and got married at State Farm Stadium. According to Billboard, René Hurtado and Max Bochman exchanged vows with their bridal party, witnesses, and fellow fans all watching during a break in Swift’s set.

@rene_hurtado Just Married 🥹 Story time coming soon! We are so tired from the excitement and are enjoying this time! @taylorswift @taylornation #glendaletstheerastour ♬ original sound - René Hurtado

7. When Taylor Swift called out a security guard

While Swift was singing “Bad Blood,” she appeared to have some bad blood of her own for how a security guard was treating some of her fans. In the middle of the song, she crouches down and says “Hey, stop! She wasn’t doing anything! Stop!” Now fans are making T-shirts recalling the moment she didn’t miss a beat protecting some of her fans, as well as making remixes with the sounds in the song.

@brilayfield hey @Taylor Swift THANK YOU from all of us on the floor for yelling at that security guard. he was a pain in the ass the entire night and the fact that this happened during #badblood made it even better 😆 PS show was PHENOMENAL 🫶🏻 Philly night 2 #taylorswift #theerastour #tswift #youneedtocalmdown #fyp #badbloodtaylorsversion ♬ original sound - Briana 💎 CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri

8. Who gets the “Red” hat during Taylor Swift’s show?

The creator of TikTok’s viral “Bejeweled” dance was offered tickets to see Swift in person after parts of the dance he choreographed became part of her routine while performing the song. During the “Red” era performance, Swift has been taking the signature black hat of that era and handing it to a fan. During the show Mikael Arellano was in attendance, he was given the hat during the “22” performance.

@baileybeagle8 THE @Mikael Arellano getting the 22 hat!!! ✨❤️ (the most iconic moment of 2023) #erastour #phillyn2 #22 #taylorswift ♬ original sound - Sara Horning

9. When rain poured during an entire Nashville Taylor Swift show

Fans who attended the show in Nashville experienced a torrential downpour that refused to let up during the entire 312-hour show. At one point, it got delayed due to lightning, but Swift took the stage after 10 p.m. and performed the entire set.

“We also never, ever, ever forget rain shows. ... this is something we’re all doing together,” Swift said, per the LA Times. “It’s such a bonding experience. We have this for life, just so you know. We’re all gonna leave here tonight looking like we’ve just been whipped through five car washes. ... It’s fine. This is normal.”

@ashleypaigenicholson I definitely cried #swifttok #swiftie #taylorswift #taylornation #tstheerastour #theerastour #nashvilletstheerastour @Taylor Nation @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound - ashleypaigenicholson

10. A security guard admits he got the job to attend Taylor Swift’s show

One Nashville fan was especially devastated after being unable to secure tickets to see Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour — so much so that he applied to Nissan Stadium to work as a security guard in order to attend. A video went viral of Davis Perrigo singing passionately to the songs. Perrigo works as an accountant and told News Channel 5 Nashville, “My wife jokes that I sing Taylor Swift songs with such passion for someone who’s never been broken up with.”

@sobaditsgoodwithryanb Loved this video one of my listeners Leah sent where a security guard gives Taylor a run for her money at one of her Nashville shows! #taylorswift #taylornation #swiftie #swifttok ♬ original sound - Ryan Bailey