Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign is gaining speed, as he is now the choice of 1 in 5 Democratic primary voters, according to recent polls.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk invited him on Twitter Spaces on Monday for a conversation on “reclaiming democracy.” According to Reuters, Kennedy praised Musk for how he is managing the social media platform.

“I think if we don’t protect free speech at all costs, we don’t have a functioning democracy,” Kennedy said.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan, entrepreneur Omeed Malik, author Michael Shellenberger and professional surfer Kelly Slater also joined the Twitter chat.

Robert Kennedy Jr. files to run for president

Kennedy formally announced his bid to be the 2024 Democratic nominee for president in April.

Prior to his appearance on Twitter Spaces, a feature that allows live audio conversations, Instagram reinstated his account. Kennedy will once again have access to more than 750,000 followers.

“As he is now an active candidate for President of the United States, we have restored access to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, Instagram account,” a spokesperson for Instagram’s parent company Meta said in a statement, as first reported by The Washington Post

He was banned from Instagram in February 2021 for spreading vaccine misinformation. Meta didn’t take away Kennedy’s access to Facebook.

Kennedy brings to the table his pedigree as being from one of America’s most famous political families — he is the son of U.S. attorney general and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, both of whom were assassinated, as the Deseret News previously reported.

Apart from his lineage, he is most known for his stance of being against vaccines, and for false statements he has made about their safety. Kennedy has, for at least a decade and a half, claimed that vaccines are unsafe. During the pandemic, he boosted his advocacy efforts and launched Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine nonprofit.

As Instagram brought back Kennedy, Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, offered an endorsement.

Dorsey posted a video titled “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. argues he can beat Trump and DeSantis in 2024,” and wrote, “He can and will.”

The Democratic National Committee is showing support for President Joe Biden and isn’t planning on hosting a primary debate.

But Kennedy, who hopes to revamp the Democratic Party, continues promoting his campaign.

“They still treat me as a fringe candidate and they say ‘he doesn’t have a chance’ and they don’t even put me in the polls a lot of times. And I’m way ahead of (Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis). My numbers are much better than his but he’s treated as a legitimate candidate,” he said during his Memorial Day address in San Diego. “That’s OK. They don’t have to treat me different ... all we have to do is win the election.”

Whether it is his name recognition as a Kennedy or his anti-vaccine stance, a prominent part of his campaign, Kennedy is pulling double-digit support in polls.

A Washington Post columnist wrote this week Kennedy’s campaign “tests the conspiratorial appetite of Democrats.”

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