After a court battle to terminate her conservatorship, the spirited #FreeBritney campaign, six number ones albums, several iconic fashion moments and decades of dominating the headlines, Britney Spears will share her story with the world on her own terms.

The princess of pop is set to release her first tell-all memoir, “The Woman in Me” on October 24, 2023. “It’s coming...” Spears teased in a tweet on Tuesday. “My story. On my terms. At last. Are you ready?”

The memoir promises to reveal “for the first time her incredible journey (and) strength at the core of one of the greatest performers in pop music history,” according to a press release from Gallery Books, per People. The singer’s memoir “illuminates the enduring power of music and love — and the importance of a woman telling her own story, on her own terms.”

Spears’ finances and personal life were controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, for 13 years under a type of legal guardianship known as a conservatorship. It was set in 2008 when the “Toxic” singer began publicly displaying erratic behaviors following the finalization of her divorce from from Kevin Federline.

As the conservator, Jamie Spears had control over his famous daughter’s multimillion-dollar estate, her day-to-day activities, social life and medical treatment, per the Washington Post. Britney Spears fought to be released from her conservatorship in court and was officially freed from the long-term legal arrangement in 2021.

“Britney’s compelling testimony in open court shook the world, changed laws, and showed her inspiring strength and bravery,” Jennifer Bergstrom, Gallery Books Senior Vice President and Publisher, told People. “I have no doubt her memoir will have a similar impact — and will be the publishing event of the year. We couldn’t be more proud to help her share her story at last.”

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What will Spears reveal in ‘The Woman in Me’?

In a since-deleted social media post Spears shared in February, she claimed that she wanted to reveal “secrets” to her fans that she has kept hidden for years.

“I want to talk about secrets!!!” Spears wrote, per the Hollywood Reporter. “The secrets I’ve had to hold the past 15 years I will say are honestly paralyzing.”

She continued, “I had so many complaints I wanted to share and bring up only to be told to keep shut … but wait isn’t that what a woman of intellect is supposed to do. Speak up, rise to the occasion make people think. Then I started to get mad angry ALL THIS TIME !!! Then all the offers of money to tell my side of the story …and all the documentaries were trash! I’m sure that was ignition to move me forward but honestly I just wanted to spit in any persons face that came near me.”

According to a press release, “The Woman in Me” is “a brave and astonishingly moving story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope,” per People.

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How to order ‘The Woman in Me’ by Britney Spears

“The Woman in Me” is available for preorder from several distributors across the globe. To secure a copy in advance, head to

When does ‘The Woman in Me’ come out?

Spears’ memoir, “The Woman in Me” hits the shelves on October 24, 2023. It is currently available for preorder.