The back-to-school season is starting to get back into swing and with it often comes trends that parents might not understand.

Slang is part of those trends — it’s a way to communicate, but some slang has meanings that may be cause for concern.

Here’s a look at some slang words parents might want to be aware of, as well as resources for mental health, substance use and preventing bullying.

A back-to-school necklace sounds innocent — but it has a darker meaning

MOS meaning

MOS is slang for “mom over shoulder,” according to Acronym Finder. Sometimes POS is used instead, which means “parent over shoulder.”

It can be used midconversation to redirect the conversation if a person doesn’t necessarily want their parent to read the conversation.

420 meaning

The number 420 is associated with marijuana, according to Fox 9 News. It’s a way of referring to the substance without using its name.

Back-to-school necklace meaning

A back-to-school necklace is a euphemism for a noose, per the Deseret News.

“In other words, if you hear a child discussing getting a back-to-school necklace, it’s potentially another term for death by suicide. While this is likely attributed to Gen Z’s dark sense of humor, it still brings attention to something important: depression among teens,” Natalie Issa wrote for the Deseret News.

Turnt meaning

Turnt is slang for being wild or drunk, according to the definition provided on It can also refer to “an atmosphere, such as at a party.”

It’s sometimes used in the context of “getting turnt.”

DTF meaning

DTF is a vulgar expletive that refers to casual sex, per Collins Dictionary (language warning).

Ghosted meaning

Ghosted or ghosting is a term used in dating lingo to refer to an unexplained end to a budding or ongoing relationship, per Very Well Mind.

If someone says they’ve been ghosted, it means the person they went on dates with or their romantic partner stopped talking to them without warning or explanation.

Sloshed meaning

This slang term is an adjective synonymous with “drunk,” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Netflix and chill meaning

Netflix and chill is a slang term that can be used in place of the term “hooking up,” the Deseret News reported.

Lit meaning

Lit has a few meanings. It can be a synonym for “affected by alcohol” or “drunk,” the Merriam-Webster Dictionary said.

There’s another meaning to the word in slang, too. Sometimes lit can refer to something that’s exciting.

NSFW meaning

NSFW is internet speak for not safe for work, Business Insider reported. It’s a way of designating mature or explicit content. While this term is sometimes used in texting, it’s commonly used on the internet.

Simple ways to boost your mental health

Mental health resources

Here are some resources that can be used in the case of mental health crises.

911 is the number for emergency services to call if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

988 is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that can be called or texted for any person who needs confidential support during a time of mental health crisis.

Here are some articles parents can read to understand important signs and behaviors teens might exhibit if they are struggling with their mental health.

Bullying prevent resources

Stop Bullying, a government website, has resources on cyberbullying, federal laws, what schools can do and what kids can do.

Substance abuse resources

1-800-662-HELP (4357) is the number for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) national helpline.