Over the weekend, Fox News discussed Donald Trump’s mugshot as the personification of most Americans’ feelings toward Biden’s America, and CNN spoke to Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on his opinions of white supremacy.

Fox News — The mugshot of America

On Friday night, the “Ingraham Angle,” hosted by Laura Ingraham, discussed former President Donald Trump’s mugshot as a representation of how the rest of the country feels toward the state of America.

According to Ingraham, Trump is using the mugshot to his own political advantage and even posted it to X, formerly known as Twitter, making it his first post since Jan. 8, 2021, to prove a point to the American people.

She added that the people who are criticizing Trump on other news stations do not understand how the majority of Americans feel about the mugshot and Trump’s legal battles.

“I think most fair-minded people see this spectacle for what it is,” Ingraham said. “It’s the ultimate in election tampering by the far left.”

The legal battles against Trump have never been about getting justice for the country but rather “political revenge,” she said.

Ingraham mentioned that Americans, like Trump in his mugshot, are upset and frustrated with what President Joe Biden has done to the country.

“Whether it’s the economy, crime or natural disasters, the government seems to make things worse or not care at all. Like in Maui,” she said.

Ingraham continued, “The Democrats for decades have taken the urban and the minority vote for granted, but they’re running into anger there as well. ... So establishment politicians, weak-kneed CEOs, leftist educrats, they’re all underestimating the power of the silent majority who are fed up, frustrated and feeling like the way Trump looks in that mugshot.”

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CNN — Ramaswamy on white supremacy

Over the weekend, CNN’s Dana Bash spoke to Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Bash asked Ramaswamy about his comments toward white supremacy and how he’s never encountered a white supremacist in his lifetime. “Maybe I’ll meet a unicorn sooner,” Ramaswamy told the audience.

Bash then asked what he thought the families of the three Black people who were shot last weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, would think about his comments that “white supremacy is basically a fantasy.”

“I’m sure they’re grieving for their loss, and I don't want to politicize those victims, Dana,” he said. “This is a very sensitive situation. We should have nothing but foremost respect for those victims and not bring them into partisan politics.”

Ramaswamy added that his comments made about white supremacy were his answer to a question he received about whether or not he has personally experienced it in his recent life.

Bash asked if Ramaswamy acknowledged that white supremacy still exists in America, to which Ramaswamy replied, “I acknowledge that all forms of racial animus exist in the United States, including fringe branches. I mean, it’s clearly what was at the head of this mentally deranged individual responsible for this shooting.”