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Another 9 acts got cut on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ These 2 survived

Only 2 out of 11 acts advanced to the show’s finale

SHARE Another 9 acts got cut on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ These 2 survived
Anna DeGuzman performs a magic act during the live shows of “America’s Got Talent.”

Anna DeGuzman performs a magic act during the live shows of “America’s Got Talent.”

Trae Patton, NBCUniversal

America’s Got Talent” has reached the live portion of the show and is cutting down the competition — fast. For the next several weeks, only two out of 11 acts will advance to the show’s finals.

Here’s a breakdown of the two acts that advanced to the finale during the Sept. 13 episode of “AGT”.

‘America’s Got Talent’ 2023: Live results on Sept. 13

Based on viewers’ overnight votes, the following two acts have advanced to the finale:

Who is Chibi Unity on ‘AGT’?

Going into the final audition episode of Season 18, all of the golden buzzers had been awarded. But then the dance team Chibi Unity took the stage.

The dancers from Japan — who were the final audition of the season — wowed the judges and audience with their synchronization and high-energy performance.

“The dance category on ‘AGT’ for Season 18 is off the charts, but you took it to another level,” Howie Mandel said. “The emotion that comes out of your dancing is inspirational. You added everything. It was so wonderful. I loved the speed, the dexterity, and the moves you had. I would love to see a show, an hour of you, in Las Vegas.”

“AGT” judge Sofia Vergara — who last season awarded the dance group Mayyas her golden buzzer (the dance group ended up winning) — told Chibi Unity it was “the perfect ‘AGT’ audition.”

“I was getting goosebumps and my heart was beating,” she said. “It was the best dancing I have ever seen in my life.”

Cowell was so impressed with the performance that he called host Terry Crews on stage and, along with his fellow judges, issued a surprise group golden buzzer to the dance act.

“You are going to make this season very, very special,” Cowell told the dancers as gold confetti swirled around them.

The group continued to wow the judges during the live shows, delivering a performance that had all four judges on their feet.

“You did not disappoint,” Heidi Klum said. “You gave us so many special moments.”

“I could watch you guys perform for hours,” Sofia Vergara added. “That was amazing.”

Who is Anna DeGuzman on ‘AGT’?

Anna DeGuzman has been visibly nervous during her routines on “AGT” — to the point that she was actually surprised she pulled her magic act off during her audition. But her unique card tricks and engaging personality has warmed audiences to her act and earned her a spot in the finale.

Deguzman, 24, has been practicing magic for five or six years, she told the judges during her audition, which has more than 2 million views on YouTube. During her audition, she showed off her entertaining way of shuffling cards and performed a few tricks, including throwing the deck of cards and catching with her mouth the card Mandel picked.

“It was the most adorable, fun magical thing I have seen so far this season,” Mandel said.

DeGuzman continued to show off her card tricks — and stun the judges — during the live shows.

“I think you have a big career ahead of you,” Vergara said.

Who got eliminated on ‘AGT’ during the Sept. 13 episode?

The following nine acts got eliminated on “AGT” last Wednesday:

  • Roland Abante.
  • Shadow Ace.
  • Mariandrea.
  • D’Corey Johnson.
  • Freedom Singers.
  • Zion Clark.
  • Orlando Leyba.
  • Kylie Frey.
  • Puppet Simon & the Cowbelles.

Who is competing on ‘AGT’ Sept. 19?

Per the entertainment site Gold Derby, the following acts will be competing on Sept. 19:

  • 2nd Airborne Chorus.
  • Avantgardey.
  • Eduardo Antonio Trevino.
  • Eseniia Mikheeva.
  • Gabriel Henrique.
  • Grace Good.
  • Lachuné.
  • Mandy Muden.
  • Ramadhani Brothers.
  • SangSoon Kim.
  • Trailer Flowers.