America’s Got Talent” has officially reached the live portion of the show and is cutting down the competition — fast. For the next several weeks, only two out of 11 acts will advance to the show’s finals.

Here’s a look at comedian Ahren Belisle, who on Aug. 30 secured his spot in the show’s finale.

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Who is Ahren Belisle on ‘AGT’?

Ahren Belisle is fairly new to the world of comedy, but that hasn’t put him at any sort of disadvantage on “America’s Got Talent.” The 28-year-old comedian, who is an engineer by day, garnered 2 million views on YouTube with his audition, and is now moving on to the show’s finale.

During his “AGT” audition, Belisle shared that he got into comedy last year when he went to a comedy show in Portugal and ended up making all of the comics laugh. Belisle, who has cerebral palsy, uses text-to-speech for his standup routines — something he said works to his advantage because it builds tension as people wait for his punchlines.

In his routines, Belisle opens up about disabilities and mental health.

“It’s important to me to spread the lessons I’ve learned and try to make things better not only for me but also for everybody else, too,” he recently told Parade. “I see comedy as a way of letting people into my world. Communicating my experiences and letting them see what it’s been like to be me. I certainly plan to expand on it. I think every comic I look up to talks about what it’s been like to be them and finds a way to bring joy about it and that’s what I want to do.”

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Following his audition, “AGT” judge Sofia Vergara said she hopes Belisle is “the one comedian that finally wins ‘AGT.’”

“I cannot believe you’ve only been doing this for one year,” judge Howie Mandel added. “Because you seem to have a grasp of timing and humor. You open up the conversation and normalize humanity and originality, and you’re funny. I think, Sir, you’re not going to be doing engineering much longer. I think you’re going to be full-time performance. That’s my prediction.”