Former BYU quarterback and current NFL Swiss Army knife Taysom Hill was mentioned during a recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast.

On Friday’s episode, co-hosts Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, as well as their mom, Donna, answered a fan’s question about which football positions the Kelce women would play.

Donna Kelce said her daughter-in-law Kylie, who is married to Jason, would likely be a quarterback or running back. The Philadelphia Eagles’ center agreed and thought his wife would be a gadget player like Hill, whose skillset is so unique that he has created his own position in the NFL.

“She was really, really good and accurate as a field hockey player when she was shooting. She could shoot it really hard,” he said. “Kylie might be like a Taysom Hill, might just be like a gadget (player).”

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“Mama Kelce” disagreed, though, and said that her 2-year-old granddaughter Elliotte is better suited to follow in her uncle’s footsteps as the family’s next tight end.

“Elliotte’s going to be the tight end because she has no fear whatsoever,” she said.

Jason Kelce joked that his daughter’s fearlessness could be the reason she doesn’t grow up to be a tight end.

“She’s got to make it to a full adulthood,” he said. “We don’t know if that’s going to happen yet. She just jumps off the couch willy-nilly and dives into the floor like it’s a pool, but she’s getting there.”

What position would Donna Kelce play in football?

Without hesitation, Donna Kelce said she would play defense. More specifically, she said she’d play in the secondary because she’s “pretty fast.”

Her answer surprised her sons, who laughed at the idea of their mom being what the Kansas City Chiefs tight end jokingly called the “only white DB” in the NFL.

Jason Kelce decided not to directly crush his mom’s NFL dreams and said she could play cornerback, but he informed her that she would never see the field.

“She’s not playing at all. She’s sitting on the bench, but it’s fine,” he said.

What position has Taysom Hill played the most in 2023?

Hill has split his 2023 snaps between quarterback, tight end and wide receiver, according to Pro-Football-Reference.

He lined up as a tight end for 230 of his 397 offensive snaps. He also had 153 snaps on special teams.