Earlier this month, a TikTok user posted a video of an unintentionally massive McDonald’s delivery order resulting in 200 McNuggets being delivered to them.

Jessica Vaccaro, who goes by lynn_j_goat on TikTok, recently posted a video (note: the video contains strong language) from 2017 of when her husband, Pharaoh Siris, found out he inadvertently ordered 200 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s via DoorDash — even though he intended to only order 20.

She explained in the video’s caption, “My husband used doordash and hit the x20 on the 10 piece nuggets!”

The video shows Vaccaro, Vaccaro’s mother and Siris standing by the kitchen counter laughing hysterically from the unexpected amount of McNuggets placed on the counter.

In the video, Vaccaro’s mother can be heard recording a tally of 160 McNuggets, to which Vaccaro responds, “We did not order 160 chicken nuggets!”

Part 2 of the viral video

Vaccaro released a second video (note: the video contains strong language) to her TikTok account of the family, still laughing uncontrollably at the accidental order. With presumably all of the McNugget packs laid out on the counter, Vaccaro can be heard saying, “This is a prank! It has to be a prank!”

Siris then counts the total amount of McNuggets on the counter, and concludes, “That’s 200 chicken nuggets.”

The video also shows various amounts of sauce packets on the counter, including ketchup and honey mustard, among many other selections.

Vaccaro’s second video has since accumulated over 700,000 views.

Story time and follow-ups

In a third video, Vaccaro explains the situation and how the accidental order came to be.

She claimed that the order should’ve been three burgers and two 10-piece nuggets. But because of a misunderstanding with DoorDash’s menu, Siris added the quantity of the 10-piece McNuggets to 20, thinking he was ordering 20 individual nuggets. Rather, he added on 20 orders of 10-piece McNuggets.

After completing the entire order, the DoorDash driver eventually messaged Siris that the order would take longer to make it “fresh,” and the family initially thought it was a nice gesture. Upon arrival, the family becomes surprised by the amount of bags and realize the big mistake made on their part.

Fortunately, they were not financially hurt by the slip-up, and instead took it as an opportunity to feed homeless people at a nearby pier.

According to Newsweek, the order of 200 McNuggets, alone, would currently cost around $109.