In the years since her son’s viral audition for “America’s Got Talent,” Tina Lee has read countless comments from viewers calling her son an inspiration. She’s also come across some skepticism, with some viewers accusing him of “faking it.” 

Kodi Lee, 27, is blind and has autism, and is also a “musical prodigious savant” who has an audio photographic memory that allows him to recall a song after just one listen, according to his website. It means that while he may struggle with typical day-to-day activities, getting on a stage and performing for a massive crowd is not an issue.

As his mom tells it, “he’s a born entertainer.” 

And as a parent who’s been advocating for her son his whole life, it means the world to Tina Lee to hear the influence his Season 14 win on “America’s Got Talent” has had on other families. But she also gets a kick out of the skeptical comments — because she gets it.

“I can understand why they thought that,” she previously told the Deseret News. “Because Kodi’s like two different people. When you talk to him and meet him, he can’t really form a complete sentence. He has a hard time. But you see him on stage, he’s a completely different person. And even for me as his mother, I’m like, ‘How is that possible?’”

Kodi Lee had the most viral moment in ‘AGT’ history. This is his story
Kodi Lee had the No. 1 viral moment in ‘America’s Got Talent’ history. Now he’s trying to win this ‘AGT’ spinoff

To this day, Tina Lee still has a hard time comprehending her son’s unique musical gift. But she said she has continually supported him and worked hard to provide the tools he needs to succeed.

Now, four years after his “AGT” win, Kodi Lee is competing on “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” — a show that features some of the best contestants from the “Got Talent” franchise over the years. And for his appearance in the semifinals, Lee opted to honor his mom’s love and support with an original song — and the emotional performance has now pushed him through to the final round of the competition.

Kodi Lee performs on “AGT: All-Stars.” | Casey Durkin, NBC

Kodi Lee performs in ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ semifinals

As he sat at the white Steinway & Sons piano, Lee told the judges and audience that he wrote “Journey of You and I” for his hero.

“Mom, this song is for you,” he said.

And then he began to perform.

I’m lost with nowhere to hide

But you opened my eyes

Turned darkness into light

I fall, but you catch me every time

You lead me to new heights

This love will never die

As he sang his last note, the audience members rose to their feet and began to chant Lee’s name. He started jumping up and down in excitement, with his mom standing proudly by his side.

“I got all emotional now,” “AGT” judge Simon Cowell said. “You wrote that song for your mom, obviously, and Tina, you are like a little lioness, aren’t you? You really are. You’ve always been there by his side.”

Cowell also praised Lee for performing an original song for the second time in a row (the artist performed his original song “Change” for his “Fantasy League” audition), calling it “a huge step up” for Lee as an artist.

“What a beautiful love letter to your mother,” judge Heidi Klum said. “It doesn’t get more heartfelt than what you’ve just done.”

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“Kodi Lee, you are the biggest gift I have ever experienced on this stage,” Howie Mandel added, before opting to give him the coveted golden buzzer that would send him to the finals.

Out of 10 acts from Monday’s episode, Lee was just one of three to advance to the finale.

Kodi Lee with “AGT” judge Howie Mandel after receiving the golden buzzer. | Chris Haston, NBC

When is the ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ finale?

The second round of the semifinals continues Monday, Feb. 5. The top 10 acts on “Fantasy League” will compete in the finale on Feb. 12, with a winner receiving a $250,000 grand prize on Feb. 19.

Following his big moment in the semifinals, Lee took to social media to once again thank his mother for her support.

“This song is a dedication to my mom, for always being there for me throughout my life,” Lee wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Her selfless devotion has made me who I am today. Thank you mom, I couldn’t have done any of this without you.”

For Tina Lee, how far her son has come is a testament to the power of advocating for your children and doing what you believe is best for them — even when those around you may disagree, the Deseret News reported. She hopes her son’s story will especially resonate with other parents who have children with disabilities.

“See what they love to do, and give them the tools,” she previously told the Deseret News. “Stay strong and keep fighting for the tools they need, for what you know your child is good at and loves to do. You give them what they need, then they’re going to flourish with it.”