CosMc’s, the new McDonald’s drink and snack spinoff restaurant, saw more customers than a typical McDonald’s chain opening saw in January.

The first and only “trendy beverage-led” spinoff shop currently resides in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and saw double the number of visits than any regular McDonald’s last month. reported that the location is seemingly a “test for other potential drive-thru only locations in the future.”

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What is CosMc’s?

The spaced-themed spinoff McDonald’s restaurant is focused on beverages and snacks, kind of like Utah’s soda shops.

The press release announcing the restaurant in December said, “in another galaxy, CosMc began experimenting with these menu items alongside some unique beverages; ones that would not only complement the food, but stand alone as the perfect mood boost for all beings.”

Mental Floss reported that the restaurant was originally born out of the ‘80s McDonald’s advertising campaign that introduced new menu items for a limited time.

“It’s been more than 30 years since CosMc was seen on Earth. The alien would often drop by McDonaldland on ‘trade missions’ to steal food and take it home to CosMcland. But during one mission in the late ‘80s, CosMc got all six hands on McDonald’s menu items ... and never returned,” the press release stated.

CosMc’s menu of drinks and snacks includes a range of options for customers with some of the highlighted items being:

  • Sour Cherry Energy Slush.
  • Tropical Spiceade.
  • S’mores Cold Brew.
  • Pretzel Bites.
  • Spicy Queso Sandwich.
  • Savory Hash Brown Bites.

The press release concluded by emphasizing, “At CosMc’s, we’re exploring how we might solve the 3 p.m. slump by lifting humans up with every sip.”

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Where is CosMc’s located?

While the only location at the moment is in Bolingbrook, Illinois, another nine locations are reported to be opening at some point this year, according to CNN.

“As part of a limited test, the first CosMc’s location opens in Bolingbrook, Illinois, this month — with a handful of additional outposts planned in the coming months,” McDonald’s detailed in its press release.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Quartz that the next 10 locations of CosMc’s will open in Texas, “in both the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas, by the end of 2024.”

The Associated Press reported that following the opening of these locations, the company “will study the results for at least a year before determining whether to expand.”