Anything you want to track is easier with this pre-installed app on your iPhone. Projects, lists and other items we need to remember are easy to organize and check off.

We all have a lot of tasks we need to track. Paying bills, taking medication, calling a friend and other to-dos can get lost in the shuffle if we aren’t careful. But a completely free app that comes preloaded on all iPhones can be just the tool to stay on top of it all.

The beauty of the Reminders app is the variety of ways it offers to set it up. There are four main methods of scheduling a reminder depending on your needs.

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Time-based reminders

This is the most basic way to set a reminder; by date and time. Choose a date on the calendar and decide whether or not to add a specific time you’d like the app to notify you. If you don’t choose a time, it will appear by default at 9 a.m. An efficient menu also allows you to easily select “Today,” “Tomorrow” or “This Weekend” as a due date.

Location-based reminders

This handy function requires users to turn on Location Services under Settings>Privacy. Then choose when the app should remind you of the task based on your location. You can have Reminders notify you to check the mail when you arrive home, for instance. Other pre-set options include having the app remind you of something when you leave somewhere or when you get in or out of a car that’s paired with your phone. Users can always create custom locations as well.

Message-based reminders

You can tag people in a reminder to get a nudge the next time you’re texting with them in Messages. After setting up a reminder, tap the lowercase “i” next to it and toggle on Turn on When Messaging. Then choose a person by tapping a name in your contacts. The next time you chat with them in Messages, a Reminders notification will pop up.

Repeating reminders

This is ideal for those tasks you need to complete on a regular or at custom intervals. There are options to repeat the notification daily, on weekdays, biweekly, every three months and many others. You can also set a custom time period, like every month on the 17th.

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When the reminder shows up in your list, you simply tap the circle next to it to let the app know you’ve completed that task. Users can decide whether they want the app to hide completed items or keep them visible (although this option gets cluttered, it can give you a big sense of accomplishment to view it once in a while).

Use Siri to set a reminder

One of the most user-friendly aspects of the app is the ability to use Siri to create reminders. Just say something like, “Hey Siri, remind me to call Sara tomorrow morning,” or “Hey Siri, remind me to take my medicine in three hours,” and it’s done.

Use hashtags to create categories

Similar to the Notes app, you can organize reminders with hashtags to organize lists into categories like #work, #school and #meals. And finally, get others to help check off some of those tasks by sharing and collaborating on a list of reminders. Think how doing so could be a big help when it comes to things like shopping, caring for sick kids or completing a work project.

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The next time your boss or a friend asks you to do something, never again be the person who replies, “Sure, just remind me.” Let Siri and the Reminders app do that and throw all your little yellow sticky notes away for good.

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