If just the idea of going on vacation is stressful, don’t worry — you’re not alone. And there is a solution.

This year, travel focused on rest and relaxation is expected to become a major trend, paving the way for adventurers and homebodies alike to use travel as an opportunity to recharge.

According to Pinterest Predicts, which forecasts expected trends each coming year, “rest stops,” or restful, unhurried vacations, will be the focus of travel in 2024.

“This year, people will plan trips that take it extra slow — and help them catch up on some precious z’s,” the website reads. “Fewer nights out on the town, more lazy mornings in bed. In 2024, there’ll be no shame in your slowcation game.”

Here are a couple of ways you can plan a laid-back vacation.

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Tips for a restful vacation

1. Opt for a staycation

One of the biggest stressors around travel is the fact that it can get quite expensive. Another issue is that the actual act of traveling — whether you’re driving a car for hours on end or cramped in a tiny airplane seat — isn’t all that fun.

You can largely avoid both of those problems by giving yourself a staycation, where you stay in your own town or somewhere nearby and dedicate a period of time to rest and relaxation.

You can stay at home, which will definitely cut costs, or you can set yourself up in a local Airbnb or hotel. Either way, make sure you make your environment as relaxing as possible by eliminating clutter and distractions and cultivating a space that puts your mind at ease when you enter it. Take this time to explore new areas of your hometown, stay off social media for a while and reconnect with yourself.

2. Choose a relaxing travel destination.

While it can be thrilling to visit a big city and visit dozens of museums, monuments and other attractions every day, it can also be kind of exhausting. If you’re hoping to slow down your travel, try visiting a locale with a slower pace and put fewer destinations on your itinerary. Small towns are great for this, and as an added bonus, the cost of accommodations tends to be cheaper outside of larger cities.

You could also visit places known for their relaxed, peaceful vibes, such as one of the most peaceful countries in the world or a location with natural beauty, whether that’s a mountain resort or beach town.

3. Give yourself time

Even if you do have a long itinerary, you can keep your vacation peaceful by allowing yourself ample time to visit every destination on your list. Make sure you’ve set aside enough time for you to fully experience your destination rather than jumping through it.

Additionally, rather than trying to plan everything ahead and fit a new activity into each hour, focus on one big activity and a few smaller ones each day with plenty of time to cushion them. Don’t worry about jumping from one thing to the next; take your time enjoying each new sight and experience.