Is there an event coming up where you need to give a gift? While material presents can be enjoyable, the most memorable gifts often come in the form of intangible experiences and lasting memories. Offering the gift of travel is a fantastic way to create unforgettable moments.

Although it’s common to purchase material gifts for our loved ones, here are five compelling reasons why the gift of travel surpasses traditional presents.

Physical presents such as toys may be temporary, but travel experiences can last a lifetime. They offer opportunities to create enduring memories with loved ones, according to Thomson Safaris.

Travel gifts can be personalized

It can often be challenging to determine what someone might desire for a birthday, milestone or other significant event in their life. Travel experiences can be tailored to the individual, ensuring that the recipient appreciates the gift.

According to Outdoorsy, there are specific interests of the gift receiver that should be asked about or considered:


Does your brother have a passion for art? Consider taking him to a fancy art museum. Is your spouse a big fan of baseball? Take them to a game of their favorite team in a cool location. Does your toddler adore Disney princesses? Take them to Disney.

Bucket lists

Has your friend, spouse or parent ever mentioned something they’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing?

Perhaps your best friend has been talking about snorkeling or your dad has been dreaming of skydiving but hasn’t had the opportunity. Pay attention to their interests over the years and consider gifting them that experience in a cool place!

Dream destinations

Similar to bucket lists, someone you know might dream of a specific destination.

Imagine your mom has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. The ideal gift might be a family RV adventure or a glamorous camping experience in Arizona. Alternatively, if your engaged friend adores New York City, consider booking a romantic getaway for her and her significant other in the Big Apple.


Life gets hectic. People have different schedules and not everyone can drop everything and travel at a moment’s notice. Therefore, look for experience gifts that don’t come with expiration dates or rigid timelines, allowing recipients to use them whenever their schedules permit.

Booking flights or accommodations usually lacks flexibility, so it’s important to check the person’s schedule and commitments before investing in less flexible experiences.

Gifts can be purchased at the destination

If you’re worried someone might still want a tangible gift, it’s easy to grab souvenirs along the way. Furthermore, the tangible item can help the gift receiver remember the fun trip, according to Thomson Safaris.

You can learn new things

Going on a trip gives others an opportunity to learn multiple things. Examples may include, finding new foods, learning new languages or finding a new favorite activity, per Ecobnb.

They are good for every group

Gifts of experiences are wonderful choices for people of all ages. Whether you’re a couple, a family with kids or friends, Outdoorsy shares some ideas for each group type to enjoy the fun.


Do toys pile up at home? Kids often receive toys but then forget about them, leaving them in a heap or stuffed away in closets. Instead of adding to the clutter, why not go on a family trip?

Here are some perks of a family adventure:

  • Less clutter at home with fewer toys or other miscellaneous items.
  • Quality time to bond.
  • Lifelong memories that can be spoken about.


Special experiences can also strengthen relationships. As previously mentioned, bonding can happen through quality time together.

Enjoy the perks of sharing time with one another:

  • A deeper relationship.
  • Enjoying some alone time together.
  • Creating new memories and taking adorable couple photos.


As you grow older, move for college, get a new job, get married, have kids or deal with life’s challenges, it becomes tougher to hang out with friends. Giving travel experiences as gifts shows them you still care and gives you a chance to spend time together.

Here are some benefits of having fun with friends:

  • Making new memories together.
  • Taking a break from the daily grind.
  • Strengthening your bond, even if you’re far apart.

After the trip, encourage yourself and others to make a photo album or scrapbook, or write in a journal to remember all of the fun experiences.

Giving experiences instead of more stuff this Christmas