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American Family Survey

American Family Survey

The American Family Survey is an annual, nationwide study of 3,000 Americans by the Deseret News and the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University. See full survey report.

Left behind: Can a new contract with America help the country’s struggling middle class?

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The pandemic hit this group of Americans the hardest

According to new findings from the American Family Survey, about a quarter of Americans have suffered financially, and Hispanics are hurting the most.

Do Black people face obstacles in America? Your answer may depend on your political party affiliation

Relationships are helping people through the pandemic. But what if you’re not in one?

American couples in 2020: More political talk, less sex

Surprise! Families have grown stronger during COVID-19, not weaker

Do you talk race with your children? You’re not alone

The key to winning November’s election? The American family

Deseret News-BYU survey: Emotional, physical resources key to how kids fare

Survey reveals COVID-19 pandemic turmoil is not destroying American families — It’s making them stronger

Your husband thinks he’s doing equal housework. You probably disagree

Attention, Congress: Survey finds both Republicans and Democrats liked the stimulus checks

Watch the 2020 American Family Survey webcast from the Brookings Institution

Parents don’t want their kids to become politicians, upcoming American Family Survey finds

90% of Americans don’t want their kids to choose politics as a profession

Pessimism about family life could hurt society and families, experts say of survey results

Watch: American Family Survey: Myths on families, what people think about paid family leave

Do you know more than the average American about divorce, teen sex and other family trends? Take our quiz

What Americans — especially Republicans — get wrong about divorce, teen sex and out-of-wedlock births

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Are today’s marriages stronger, weaker or ‘out-of-date’?

New American Family Survey shows family stability, but rising concern about economic challenges

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The rich get paid to take care of their families. The poor don’t. Is it time for a national leave policy?

There are at least 4 policy proposals in Congress. A new survey shows the majority of Americans don’t like any of them.

Inside the newsroom: How do you bridge the sexual harassment gap between men and women

Experts: American Family Survey shows family unifies, but Americans differ on path to build family

Why parents fear tech more than drugs, alcohol and sexual activity for their teenagers