Queen has re-recorded ‘We Are The Champions’ to honor those fighting COVID-19
A mystery countdown appeared on Stephenie Meyer’s website, but many fans are wondering what it could mean
While the console itself is set to launch on schedule, the games may take a little longer
A 30-pound piece of the moon is currently on sale for $2.5 million
Through a raffle on Fanatics’ ‘All In Challenge’ website, Christ Pratt is offering two fans the opportunity to fly out to the set of ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ for an epic demise — being devoured by a dinosaur.
As more people are eating at home, Chick-fil-A is launching an at-home meal kit
The retailer plans to re-open all of its stores within the next six weeks
Parents are hiring babysitters to use a video conferencing service like Zoom or FaceTime to spend time with their children. Sometimes the babysitters do puppet shows, make crafts or even teach a lesson. Other times they just chat.
Meet was previously paid only, but now Google is opening the video conferencing software to the public
Over the past two weeks, location data shows people are staying home less
A 23-year-old Irish singer-songwriter has gone viral for his creative take on a 2020 version of ‘I’ll Be There for You’
As many areas are starting to reopen, this test can help you see how best to keep yourself safe
Utah-based company Education Reference Desk is offering the ultimate job to ‘Star Wars’ fans
After a surge in poison control calls, the FDA is taking steps to try and get people to be more cautious
Some Tesla drivers got a ‘traffic light and stop sign control’ update last week. It doesn’t work very well.
While reporter Will Reeve — the son of legendary ‘Superman’ actor Christopher Reeve — was dressed formally on his upper half, wearing a button-down shirt and a sports coat, he was not wearing pants during the TV segment
‘Thomas and Friends: The Royal Engine’ celebrates 75 years of Thomas the Tank Engine and features Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II as animated characters
Since being released digitally three weeks ago, ‘Trolls World Tour’ has profited Universal Pictures more than the original film, ‘Trolls,’ did during its five-month theatrical run in 2016
The animal abuse went far beyond what you saw on the screen, according to former employee Kelci ‘Saff” Saffery
Many zoos and aquariums are uploading live feeds of their animals even while parks are closed.
These face masks aren’t just stopping COVID-19 they’re a fashion statement
Messenger Rooms can host up to 50 people at once with no time limit
On Friday Wendy’s gave out free nuggets, and this man took full advantage of that
A new report finds that coronavirus may stay in the eyes longer than in the mouth or nose
The company has seen tremendous growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Through the BeyGood initiative, the singer is partnering with Jack Dorsey to support underserved communities in the U.S.
From coffee to milk and even to Nutella, whipped drinks are all the rage right now
Rumors of a mass hack circulated earlier this week, and now Nintendo has confirmed they’re true