As states across the nation, including Utah, and areas across the world are beginning to contemplate or plan for lessened quarantine restrictions, many people are wondering what that will look like.

Sadly, even as stay-at-home orders and recommendations are slackened, it doesn’t mean life will bounce back to normal. COVID-19 remains a concern, and has not been eradicated, so the new normal won’t look like the normal we are used to — for one thing, it’ll contain a lot more face masks.

As the Toronto Star is contemplating the reopening of Toronto, they’re offering a useful reminder that lockdown doesn’t mean the end of social distancing, in a way that’s actually kind of fun.

The Canadian paper invented a series of scenarios in which physical distancing will still be necessary for people to decide “Where should you sit?”

Their article provides a visual reminder that sometimes you’re closer to people than you think by demonstrating the possible infection radius around each person, and making sure those lines don’t cross. Taking the quiz can be challenging even for an expert.

The social distancing mini-games on the site prepare us for the day when we can eventually go to the movies, go back to work, or take public transport again, but help us know how we can still keep ourselves safe. To see how well you do, follow the link to the article and choose where you’d sit in each situation.