The proposed site would be located close to 14600 South, adding a new stop between the current Draper and Lehi stations within the emerging tech corridor.
It all started when a pair of beetle species began an ‘uncharacteristically high’ infestation in the early 2000s.
As Former Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker studied this year’s field, he said he felt compelled to speak out and pick a side.
Crews are set to repair Kolob Canyons Road, which was damaged by rockfalls and landslides amid a barrage of wintry storms in March.
Utah lawmakers have also dealt with plenty of water issues in recent years, especially at the height of Utah’s drought that only began to dissipate this year.
The Great Salt Lake’s northern arm didn’t experience as many gains as the southern arm over the past few months.
Bear Lake is listed at 914,520 acre-feet, making it nearly ⅔ full, according to the Utah Division of Water Resources.
Close to 1,300 animals were illegally killed last year, which was an 11% increase from the previous year.
With the Salt Lake Bees moving out next year, planners want to rezone parts of the neighborhood from predominantly commercial and multi-family residential to a variety of mixed-uses.
Some trees in Utah are already starting to show signs of turning.
Adding new drive-thru services will no longer be permitted in a growing piece of Sugar House under a zoning ordinance amendment Salt Lake City leaders approved Tuesday night.
Lake visitors should also keep their children and pets away from the water if they’re near the lake. Algal blooms tend to look like thick blue-green patches on the lake surface.
Sam Webber, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said some isolated showers are possible in southern and parts of central Utah on Thursday.
Derek Parra said ‘This piece of art is pretty impactful for me because it is so symbolic not only of my journey to the Games, but also just my life today.’
KSL meteorologist Matt Johnson explained, ‘There are wildfires up in the Pacific Northwest, so, unfortunately, that smoke has moved into Utah.’
Zion’s restrictions, put in place earlier this year, expire at the start of Wednesday.
Plans are already underway on what that means for Kum & Go, an Iowa-based company founded in 1959
The deer leaps into the night sky, topples a nearby object and bolts out of the area as quickly as possible.
The $1.8 million proposal for Herman Franks Park calls for removing the existing piping and the grass above it, exposing the creek again, along with new trails, boardwalks, railings and other elements.
Members of the Park City Council say they hope to bring more certainty in the future.
The Biden Administration’s proposed 2024 transportation budget includes nearly $317 million toward the project.
The Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Friday shared on social media an undated letter that UDOT executive director Carlos Braceras sent to election candidates, reminding them of the law.
It advises that rivers, creeks, streams, slot canyons, dry washes, recent wildfire burn scars and ‘other low-lying and flood-prone locations’ are most at risk by rainfall.
Deeda Seed argues, the project report, while acknowledging the refuge, is vague about handling environmental concerns.
Utah’s egg producers are asking state lawmakers to consider banning the sale of noncage-free eggs by the time the 2021 law goes into effect.
While flash flooding remains a concern in southern Utah, it’s a different story in northern Utah because of a difference in weather patterns that will eventually shift.
The August changes were first proposed in March, garnering a little more than 150 public feedback responses.
State transportation officials believe they have finally found a solution to one of the biggest headaches motorists have endured.
Utah ended July still on pace for its 19th wettest water year since 1895, according to National Centers for Environmental Information data.