Phragmites have only been around the Great Salt Lake for a few decades, but they cause a lot of problems.
A passenger died after the driver of a ride-share vehicle an a red light and “clipped” a TRAX train.
Salt Lake City’s landscaping rules may receive an adjustment to help align with newer city goals, such as water conservation.
The field of 5,703 designs submitted to potentially replace Utah’s state flag has officially been whittled down to 20.
The now-president of the Utah Inland Port Authority said Wednesday he will retire at the end of October.
If approved, it would not impact the light rail service that runs through the street or vehicle traffic that crosses Main Street downtown.
In a series of surveys in 2020, nearly one-fourth of respondents said water quality and quantity were their top priorities for the future of Jordan River.
Salt Lake City planners envision radiant-looking playgrounds, plaza spaces and pavilion feature art.
The money is aimed at helping local and state governments “undertake hazard mitigation projects,” according FEMA.
A new community garden in Salt Lake City was years in the making. City leaders hope more are on the way.
The new convention hotel’s opening will officially mark the end of a building nearly two decades in the making.
Utah’s reservoir levels remain below 50%, but Utahns are still finding ways to consume less.
A panel of scientific experts from across Utah met Tuesday to discuss what’s wrong with the lake and how those issues can be addressed.
The fight over mining in the canyon took another twist with the state’s decision.
The company’s plan calls for dredging the lake and using the material at the bottom to create human-made islands.
Utah’s water goes to all sorts of places, from farms to drinking water, lawns and industrial uses. But what about the water cleaning vehicles?
Utah public transit ridership has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. But the S-Line is suddenly bucking all the trends.
The new Aline W. Skaggs Wild Utah native animal exhibit will be named for the late animal-loving philanthropist.
He says he will just wait for the facts to come to light before forming an opinion on the search, and says he favors more efficient uses of water, such as water-wise lawns and “more responsible” farming practices, by using new technologies that use less water.
Utah agricultural leaders are noticing an alarming trend involving missing livestock and livestock deaths.
Rocky Anderson said he’s not sure when he will file the paperwork to make his run official.
Since the new airport opened in 2020, many have vented about the distance between concourses.
UTA has made it clear that staffing has become an issue this year.
The West Nile virus has now been found in three counties in Utah this summer.
July was the hottest month on record for Utah’s capital city. Is a cooldown on the horizon?
Millennials are moving around quite a lot, but it appears they are settling down close to home, according to new findings released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau.
If it seems like wildfire plumes are growing larger in the West, University of Utah researchers say it’s because they are. And that poses a problem for air quality throughout North America.