International adoptions have decreased 62 percent since a peak in 2004. The decline correlates with increased U.S. oversight of the adoption process, but experts say foreign governments have imposed strict rules for adoptions as well.
Parental importance is critical to a student’s academic success, but the opposite extreme, helicopter parenting, can permanently cripple a student’s ability to function confidently in the future. How can parents find the middle ground?
Where do America’s top high school students want to attend college? Harvard’s No. 1, but BYU is not far behind.
While some parents believe fundraisers teach students valuable skills while raising funds for their school or for extracurricular activities, others told the New York Post they find the tradition “creepy and manipulative.”
“Homeless” weekends are infamous among college students, but landlords say that many situations result from a lack of communication or planning.
First comes love, next comes marriage, then the baby in the carriage . . . and then a puppy and maybe a fish or two.
Students may break out the chocolate milk to celebrate 16 years of undisputed sobriety.
News of Pixar’s preference for interns and entry-level animators from BYU has increased the animation program’s appeal in recent years. It hasn’t made getting in any easier.
A new Pew study shows that the number of young adults — ages 18 to 31 — who live with their parents continues to increase. The share of young adults living with their parents represents the largest percentage to do so in at least four decades.
A BYU geology professor who studies the moons of Saturn and Jupiter just published her research on the sand dunes of Mos Espa — an earthbound movie set in Tunisian where scenes were shot for the Star Wars movie about Anakin Skywalker’s childhood.
Teen girls may be just as likely to abuse their partners as their male peers, according to new data released at a meeting of the American Psychological Association.
Autism, ADHD and video games often don’t mix well, according to a survey of the boys’ parents, but it isn’t entirely clear why children with these specific disorders are at risk of becoming addicted to video games.
Social studies have found men with daughters tend to believe in gender equality and lean toward feminism, but new research suggests men with sisters are more likely adopt traditional gender roles.
Analysis from a BYU statistician found that the justices use defensive language to intensify their arguments when writing minority opinions — even though many of those same justices have admonished others to avoid emotional arguments.
Doctors say one of the most important things to leave your kids is your family history — your family’s medical history, that is.
Parents can develop stronger bonds with their teens while promoting positive social behaviors if they use social media to connect with their teens, according to a new study out of BYU.
Collaboration with an Orem-based business led two BYU professors to invent a technique that could allow automotive companies to bond lightweight metals to stronger, durable varieties — a breakthrough with the potential to impact fuel efficiency.
BYU student entrepreneurs have raked in a record half-million dollars in funding for their startups, but what are the odds their fledgling companies will last?
As the job market continues to grown more competitive and new technologies continue to replace jobs, education will morph into something students today might not recognize, according to a panel of experts at the New Knowledge Economy summit.
Teens today are more likely to put off what previous generations considered a rite of passage: getting a driver’s license. Studies suggest the trend is rooted in the Great Recession, but it has yet to reverse.
A new report from the Economic Policy Institute looks at how many children Americans can afford to raise and where they can afford to raise them.
The U.S. has higher infant mortality rates than most developed countries. A trend toward scheduled labor and C-sections could be one reason why, according to Premier health care alliance CEO Susan DeVore.
BYU soil scientists spent eight years analyzing soil samples from Tikal, Guatemala, to solve a Mayan mystery: how did thousands of people build a wealthy civilization in an area that today supports only a small, impoverished population?
American Statistical Association has named BYU professor Shane Reese an association fellow. The statistician has worked on a wide variety of projects over the years, touching everything from sports to astrophysics.
Parental support is a key indicator for post-college succes. Discussions about paying for college should begin during high school or earlier, experts say.
Social media have put teens on the front lines of both sides in a battle against negative body image and disordered eating.
Babies are capable of recognizing emotions in other, unfamiliar peers, as early as five months of age, according to a new study from BYU and Florida International University. Infants in the study could match facial expressions with vocalizations.
BYU Broadcasting announced Wednesday that it is developing free apps for Xbox 360 and Android that will give users of those devices nearly unlimited access to BYUtv content, including sports programming, live streaming TV and video on demand.
The Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals honored BYU Broadcasting with a Gabriel Award for the 2012 feature film “Silent Night.”
Money really can buy you happiness, but you’re probably spending it wrong, according to a new book by Harvard professor Michael Norton and co-author Elizabeth Dunn of the University of British Columbia.