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As I take a hiatus from this column, I’m reminded of all the years of love and support on this journey of motherhood
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I started treatment for my lifelong anxiety when my struggles morphed into something bigger than I could handle, and I only wish I had asked for help sooner.
You don’t need to be the family cruise director to make sure your family is making memories that will last well beyond September.
As women, we often hide under the guise of “health” to shame ourselves about the things we hate about our bodies.
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Motherhood has once again taught me that every child is different, and as soon as I think I know what I’m doing, everything changes
As I transition from full-time motherhood, I’m more and more convinced that pursuing success outside my home doesn’t mean I’m failing at parenthood.
Recent policy changes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made me think about how I can raise humans who recognize and combat all the forms hatred can take.
The recent college admissions cheating scandal only underscores the message we are sending our kids: If you don’t get into a top school, you failed.
Even though I’d rather my daughter never start texting, I know the worst thing we can do is bury our heads in the sand so our daughter has to figure out appropriate texting and social media behavior on her own, or worse, from her friends.
Much of the time, we feel like we’re not being “good moms” if we’re bored. Like we should somehow morph from well-educated, interesting women into full-time baby playmates who are completely fulfilled by motherhood.
Tips to ease the tough transition from full-time mommy to full-time employee.
How to recognize the signs and talk about anxiety in your home.
The happiness-in-parenting ideal has made many good moms and dads wonder what they’re doing wrong — or if they’ve been robbed.
With my kids growing up, I find myself lost in the no-man’s land of motherhood.
Let’s face it, we may never save Thanksgiving from the shadow of the retail mania around it, but maybe we can focus on teaching our kids (and ourselves) how to be grateful year-round.
Rather than lofty parenting goals, what I really need this year is just a few, simple actions to help me reconnect with my children.
Somehow, over the years, I have taken on more and more Christmas traditions, and now I’m in over my tinsel-loving head.
As the buying season gets into full swing, more and more of my mom and dad friends are turning to the idea of giving experiences rather than jamming more stuff under the tree.
I jumped into a 10-day social media fast with gusto, figuring it would be a piece of cake. I learned I’m more addicted than I thought.
How to raise children who understand no, accept rejection and always ask.
Mowing down any potential obstacle in their child’s path, the lawnmower parent takes protective parenting to new lows.
I am raising two daughters who are still being taught in subtle ways that women in the world are expected to behave a certain way, and when they step out of those archaic parameters, they open themselves up to bullying, name-calling and judgment.
Being a mom doesn’t mean we stop chasing other goals. Years ago, I finally decided to make room in my life for mine.