Harvard research indicates graduate diplomas generally have no effect on a teacher’s efficacy.
The federal government sent the new, multi-colored $100 bill into general circulation Tuesday.
In a candid and lengthy Q&A with New York magazine, Justice Antonin Scalia touched on a wide breadth of topics that have absolutely nothing to do with his job at the Supreme Court.
Twenty-one years ago, Oprah Winfrey was engaged to marry Stedman Graham. The marriage never materialized, and even though the two remain together today, Oprah says marriage is not in her future.
The Alfonso CuarÓn film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney parlayed heavy IMAX and 3D sales into the largest October opening weekend ever.
A documentary about the meteoric rise of pro basketball player Jeremy Lin touches on themes of Christianity, family and race.
Depending on whom you listen to, the Senate Majority Leader is either safeguarding the country’s future or unilaterally forcing a prolonged government shutdown.
In recent months the violent persecution of Egypt’s Coptic Christians has become so bad that prominent international organizations have called attention to the issue.
Mitt Romney calmly delivered a largely non-partisan speech to business-school grads on Wednesday — the same day Ann Romney revisited the 2012 election and broached hot-button issues on “Fox & Friends.”
Per Stanford’s California Poverty Measure, there are 8.1 million Californians living in poverty — or 35 percent more poor Californians than was previously estimated.
A 29-year-old man has been charged in federal court with being the mastermind behind Silk Road, a secretive website for obtaining illegal drugs that launched in 2011.
Several hundred thousand fertilized eggs remain frozen in a state of cryopreservation. For would-be parents, deciding what to do with those excess embryos is often complicated and rarely easy.
A new study of family life in England unearthed trends similar to what’s taking place in the United States.
The National Zoo and intercollegiate athletic teams at the three military service academies are among the myriad organizations impacted by the federal government’s shutdown.
New survey also finds spiritual students embrace the idea of God, but are more likely to concur with their secular counterparts when it comes to politics and science.
Based in Black Diamond, Wash., Ginger Passarelli is always prepared to ladle out hot soup for the police and firemen who spend several days responding to a tragedy or catastrophe.
Heavy pressure from the Clinton camp caused acclaimed filmmaker Charles Ferguson to abandon a planned documentary about Hillary Clinton’s life.
With a diverse array of extracurricular choices available to children who are only starting to discover their interests, at times kids just want to quit one thing and move onto the next. But when is it appropriate to insist children stay the course?
Thirty-three representatives from a broad swath of Jewish, Christian and Muslim organizations strongly denounce “shuttering the federal government or defaulting on the nation’s financial commitments.”
Mothers may spend increasing amounts of time in their vehicles, but the day of driverless autos is rapidly approaching.
Debate about how much the Digital Age’s slew of social media platforms is stealing dignity from romance in general and young women in particular is a discussion that veers between anecdotal evidence and societal metadata.
Columnist contends most of the racy lyrics sung by women can actually be traced back to the overactive imaginations of men who co-wrote the songs.
Although market forces may dissuade Ph.D.'s from pursuing or procuring employment as school teachers, voices are calling for more people with a Ph.D. to teach in elementary and secondary schools.
Despite its princess-centric storyline, the new show on Disney Junior attracts a demographic in which nearly half the viewers are boys.
A new policy that also applies at Walt Disney World constitutes a sea change from the decades-long practice of allowing handicapped children and their families to skip the lines at popular attractions.
The rise in applications is for full-time, two-year MBA programs. Conversely, significantly fewer people applied for professional MBA programs that cater to students with full-time employment.
Controversial new video game “Grand Theft Auto V” needed just three days to ring up $1 billion in global sales — a figure that is sure to climb higher once Rockstar Games releases “GTA V” onto other platforms.
Believers on both sides of the food stamp debate quote Bible passages to substantiate their positions.
Two days after the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee published a guest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, his editorial remained the most popular story on the periodical’s website.
Best-selling author Ashley Merryman asserts the experience of losing — and lessons subsequently learned from losses — is a critical part of a child’s emotional development.