What can fictional monsters and science fair projects teach children about mindfulness and anger management? As it turns out, more than you might think.
BYUtv’s hidden camera show “Random Acts” will return this month with three new hosts, 10 new episodes and plenty of the show’s signature tagline: “mischief with meaning.”
The Children’s Museum of Utah opened its doors in 1983 at a humble, 12,000-square-foot exhibit space on Beck Street in Salt Lake City, where it paid $1 per year in rent.
Season four of “Relative Race,” which premiered on BYUtv on Sept. 16, focuses more on the “relative” and less on the “race.”
Along with continuing to produce past hits, including a new season of “Studio C,” BYUtv is currently producing three new TV shows with the goal to build family entertainment that appeals to children, teens and adults.
You may know actor Lindsay Pulsipher as Kim Rollins from “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Cassie St. Cyr from “Justified” or Crystal Norris from “True Blood.”
Twenty years ago on Sept. 1, J.K. Rowling released the book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in the U.S., changing pop culture forever and revolutionizing young adult literature.
It’s the formula for a hilarious evening: a YouTube magician, a comedian in a dragon suit and a chihuahua that reads minds.
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts, which celebrates one year since its reopening this month, boasts a covetable rare Egyptian collection — but perhaps even more interesting than the collection itself is the Utah-born woman behind it, Natacha Rambova.
Last month, Hailey and Brad Devine teamed up with 45 of their internet followers to do humanitarian work in Zambia.
Although his memory may seem superhuman, John Graham insists memory is a skill anyone can learn with training and practice. With that thought in mind, he shared four easy memorization techniques with the Deseret News.
Despite how many brides you’ve seen walk down the aisle this wedding season, you’ve probably never heard a version of Pachelbel’s Canon quite like this.
If you’re avoiding time outside this week because of the diminished air quality, don’t let it ruin your summer — YouTubers with ties to Utah have posted plenty of new content to keep you entertained, inside and away from the haze.
Season nine of BYU’s sketch comedy show “Studio C” is going out with a bang: the 10 original cast members are leaving the show.
If the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City seems too far, too long and too complicated with kids, have no fear.
Recently, lifelong crafter Taylor Nielsen teamed up with her mother, Tara Haacke, to start Felt n’ Folk, an online shop for unique, folk-themed arts and crafts. This weekend, the duo will showcase their creations at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival.
On July 4, Gentri opened for OneRepublic at the Stadium of Fire, will perform in New Hampshire on July 13, finish recording the vocal tracks for their fifth studio album and, in August, headline three concerts on the Wasatch Front.
Last week, YouTubers with Utah ties shined by putting their own twists on well-known songs, including music from singer Jason Mraz, the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” and the Disney movie “Coco.”
This might be the most inspirational moment in wiener dog race history.
In 2003, Brigham Young University graduate and then-Disney executive Brigham Taylor pitched an idea to bring to life the classic characters from “Winnie the Pooh” in a live-action movie.
Utah is home to two college Quidditch teams, one community Quidditch team and even a major league Quidditch team, one of 16 in the country.
If you still haven’t checked off every — or any — item on your summer bucket list, you’re not alone.
A Florida police officer helped a homeless man shave prior to a job interview at McDonald’s, and a video capturing the moment went viral.
If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to live in a refugee camp — and, more importantly, have a desire to help refugees — you may be interested in what’s going on at the Hale Center Theatre this Thursday, July 26.
On his first day at work with Bellhops moving company, Alabama college student Walter Carr went more than the extra mile ; he went an extra 20.
A widower who lost his wife five years ago didn’t have to celebrate her birthday alone this year.
Next month, Ed Sheeran fans will get a glimpse into the singer-songwriter’s creative process for the best-selling album ÷.
Thanks to a few grocery store employees, a 3-year-old in Daphne, Alabama, enjoyed a happy reunion with her favorite stuffed bunny this week.
Since being diagnosed with conversion disorder, Kaiya has become a living testimony of the theme of her fireside — “We can do hard things.”